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Clear up closet space by investing in essential clothing

Most people want to ring in the New Year with new clothes that keep them looking fashionable and fabulous. Although, if you’re like many college students, you don’t have the money or the closet space to do this. What you’ll soon learn is that you need to buy investment pieces that will last you through multiple seasons and can be worn multiple ways.

Most importantly, we all need three well-fitting pairs of jeans. I recommend one skinny dark wash, one flare medium wash, and one of any style in a light wash. These can be worn during all seasons and are absolutely essential for any closet. If you prefer a certain style to another, that’s fine, but make sure you have color options. You’ll want to wear a certain wash depending on the occasion and season.

I suggest investing in a basic black or navy blue blazer. This piece is extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down with accessories and footwear. Jeans and riding boots give this blazer a casual yet preppy feel. Worn with a mini-dress and heels, it creates the perfect party outfit. Of course, you can wear it with matching dress pants for a professional look as well.

Every good wardrobe needs multiple T-shirts and tanks for layering. Make sure you invest in long-sleeve and short-sleeve tees of various styles. V-neck and crewneck are basic cuts that everyone should own. These shirts can be worn under sweaters, hoodies, zip-ups, button downs and on their own. Buy them in any colors you like. One more layering essential is a white boyfriend tank. It is a timeless piece that can be worn with anything.

All college students must have at least two comfortable sweatshirts. Whether you like them with hoods or not, you’ll want to have your two favorites for lazy Sundays and relaxing after a long day of classes. These will take up a lot of space, so you probably won’t have room for more than two.

Shoes will take up a great majority of your floor space and can take up valuable storage area. Save room by bringing only what shoes you will need. You should have two pairs of boots, one black and one brown, two to three pairs of rubber flip flops, one pair of tennis shoes, one pair of leather flip flops and one pair of rain boots. It may seem like a lot, but you’ll find that each pair of shoes will be used frequently enough.

Keep in mind that these essentials are just the rough skeleton of a basic wardrobe. Make sure your closet fits your personality by finding clothing in styles that suit you. This is the time to invest in pieces that will never be out of fashion and will stay with you throughout your lifetime. You might find that you have more closet space than you anticipated, and you know what that means: more shopping!


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