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Jersey’ now spans the nation

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Hundreds of people packed into The Bluestone on Friday night in downtown Columbus to see a pop culture icon, MTV “Jersey Shore’s” Pauly D.

Ever since the airing of the first season in 2009, the American public has learned words such as “grenade” and “guido/guidette,” along with many other phrases such as “cabs are here” and “T-shirt time,” to reference the gang’s workplace, a T-shirt shop.

Pauly D, whose real name is Paul DelVecchio, began disc jockeying and making club appearances when the show first aired in December 2009. He recently released a new single, “Beat Dat Beat (It’s Time To).”

“Ohio Tonight!!!! Who’s coming??!!” Pauly D tweeted about the appearance.

The Bluestone, formerly known as BoMa, opened in November 2009. JAE Marketing and Entertainment Group produced the event and created an event on Facebook for it.

Pauly D’s tour is only one of the larger trends that has wormed its way into pop culture. Ohio State is no exception.

Most OSU students either love or hate the television show. Most do not say they feel indifferent toward it.  

“I love ‘Jersey Shore!'” Melanie Beaudette, a graduate teaching associate for the Women’s Gender and Sexuality, said.

 With its third season recently premiering, devoted fans and followers like Beaudette could not be more excited.  

The show had 5.461 million viewers for its season premiere, a MTV record, according to The New York Times.

Hair gel, orange skin, blowouts, hair bumps, fist pumping and club hopping are all becoming incorporated into mainstream pop culture. The popular TV show has not only received plenty of media attention, but professionals examined and analyzed it as well.

“To my eyes, there are many things to hate about ‘Jersey Shore’ without ever getting into the slurs,” Washington Post staff writer Paul Farhi said.  “The eight young people featured on the show are self-centered, lazy, narcissistic, materialistic, slutty boneheads–in short, typical reality TV type.”

Jersey Shore keeps breaking record ratings with 8.6 million viewers watching the Season Three premiere.

The Season Three premiere was Jan. 6 and the network moved new episodes from Thursday nights to Monday nights at 9 p.m.


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