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Bassnectar bringing dubstep to town

Photo courtesy of Bassnectar; Photo illustration / Lantern staff

It’s the kind of music that thumps in your chest and reverberates from your core to the tips of your fingers. It’s the kind of unimaginable loudness that leaves your ears ringing for days.

It’s the kind of show your parents warned you about.

When Bassnectar takes the stage, you can be certain of two things: the party is on, and it will be anything but conventional.

Performing Thursday night to a sold-out Lifestyles Community Pavilion, Bassnectar’s dubstep electronic music will play to an expected crowd of up to 2,200 people, said Marissa Luther, marketing manager at PromoWest Productions.

“(We’re anticipating) a younger crowd that’s ready to dance,” she said. “That type of music is really, really big right now, and we’ve had success at all these kinds of shows lately.”

Pulling samples from a variety of musical genres, the DJ’s music includes bass-heavy originals and reimaginings of songs meant to be played as loudly as possible, said Nicole Sheff, a second-year in art attending the concert.

“He uses crazy bass lines and experiments with changing tempos to make really eclectic mixes,” she said.

Bassnectar’s gritty, unpolished sound is part of what makes his music danceable and his show appealing, Sheff said.

“The wobbly bass lines are intoxicating, and you can’t help but move,” she said. “I find it really entrancing. I’m expecting a crazy, fun time.”

Bassnectar has played at a number of major music festivals, including Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo, according to the band’s website. Even with all of the attention he has received from dubstep fans and the music community, some are dubious about his abilities as a musician.

“He has some good songs tailored for a more mainstream crowd, but there are better artists out there,” said Emily Kathe, a second-year in art enterprise who is not planning on going to the show. “I’m sure he knows how to throw a great party, though.”

But it’s not only about the music. Bassnectar is also noted for its elaborate light shows and welcoming concert environment, Kathe said.

“I like the whole neo-rave environment in general,” she said. “Everyone is pretty friendly, and most people are just there to have fun.”

Bassnectar’s work and those whose musical interests don’t normally incorporate rave music will enjoy the show, Kathe said.

“The whole scene is a nice change of pace from the Top-40 grind at your local bar,” she said. “Expect lots of glow sticks and rave toys, good music, sweat and sore muscles the next morning.”

Doors open at 8 p.m. For ticket availability, visit www.promowestlive.com.

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