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Latest album makes you wish ‘Undead’ were dead

“We don’t apologize and that’s just the way it is. But we can harmonize, even if we sound like s—.”

Hey, they said it, not me.

This line, from Hollywood Undead’s song “Apologize,” is followed by a vague threat made towards those who dare criticize the group’s message. I am going to risk my personal safety to tell you that “American Tragedy” is the worst album that’s hit the market this year.

The rap-rock genre was never exactly a favorite among critics, but Hollywood Undead manages to take it to even lower depths. I did not wake up this morning expecting to put Limp Bizkit on a pedestal compared to another band, but here we are.

Part of the nausea I felt while listening to this album was caused by the group’s faux gangsta persona that it tries to sell the listener. It demonstrates how in-touch it is with the hip-hop culture by rapping of listening to Sisqó’s “Thong Song,” it demonstrates its gangsta style by referring to wearing two Bluetooth headsets at one time and it demonstrates just how tough it is by threatening to “hit you in the d—.”

Tupac is rolling over listening to the group talk about what it means to be a gangster in Los Angeles.

“Been to Hell,” the group’s single about how hardcore LA is, gets some credit merely for having audible instruments. According to the band’s website, three of the members actually play an instrument, a two to one member-to-instrument ratio.

The only way this album could get any credit is if it becomes a cult-classic thanks to its badness, like Syfy channel movies or “The Room.” But until the Newport hosts monthly listening parties where “fans” dress in the band’s signature (and stupid) masks, this album is an out and out bomb.

.5 stars

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