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Members of sorority affected by hate crime don’t ‘feel threatened’ by graffiti

A pig with horns and the word “Jew” written next to it was sprayed on the Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority house earlier this week.

“This is a bias incident because it’s a Jewish sorority,” said Columbus police Sergeant James Bair.

The sorority president, Becca Marks, said they have already painted over it.

“As far as I know, we have had no previous problems with graffiti,” Marks said. “We have no idea who is responsible.”

Graffiti itself is not uncommon, Bair said.

“From my perspective I think the best thing we can probably do is get the graffiti off the building as quickly as possible,” said Columbus police Commander Terry Moore. “I understand that’s cost and labor intensive; however, that’s the best thing (to) do.”

Bair said quickly removing the graffiti was important so others wouldn’t be encouraged.

“Taggers (repeat graffiti offenders) are usually easier to find since they leave their mark,” Bair said.

Since the crime occurred off campus, the OSU police were not directly involved.

“OSU police works with the BART (Bias Assessment and Response Team) team as a liaison for biased crimes which occur off campus. We offer crime prevention and personal safety training or advice, and our Joint Patrol unit would be glad to meet with the house if invited,” said OSU police Chief Paul Denton.

Karen Allenick, Alpha Epsilon Phi member, said she believes the “hate crime” was done as a joke and does not feel threatened.

“Girls are not describing it as a hate crime just because the word ‘Jew’ was written,” Allenick said. “It is seen as a hate crime because of the picture of a pig with devil horns that was next to the word ‘Jew.'” 

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