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Newest live-action Disney film fails to capture magic of prom night

Courtesy of Julianne Rosenfeld

Some refer to it as the Olympics of high school, others see it at a rite of passage leading up to graduation. However you look at it, prom season is approaching.

Likewise, the Disney film “Prom” is opening today.

“Prom” sheds light on the sometimes stressful, always-dramatic events leading up to the big night. Nova Prescott (Aimee Teegarden), head of the prom committee, faces challenges with decorations and dates as her “Starry Night” themed dance nearly falls apart.

Another couple, Mei Kwan (Yin Chang) and Tyler Barso (DeVaughn Nixon), confront the stress of separating for college.

In the midst of all the hype some relationships crash, while others find unexpected love and flourish.

If you are feeling nostalgic for high school this spring, Disney’s dramatic comedy “Prom” might be just the movie to serve your appetite. And it’s much less of a clamor than heading to the real thing.

Aside from the predictable and somewhat anticlimactic plot line, the movie served as an accurate portrayal of the anticipation and insecurity that often surrounds “Prom.”

A definite highlight of the movie was the memorable soundtrack with hits from Katy Perry, Band of Horses and The Naked and Famous.

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