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Alternative Ohio band’s album pleasantly diverse

In an old, haunted Victorian building formerly known as the Athens Asylum, one band has found asylum of their own with the release of their new album.

The Ridges, an orchestral folk-rock band from Athens, Ohio, will release their first self-titled album on May 21.

The short, five-track album echoes a haunted feeling reflective of the famous abandoned asylum where they record. Inside the Victorian halls they produced an album that copes with themes of haunted pasts, death, love and awakenings.

The natural acoustics of the building contribute to the richly layered sound of the three-piece acoustic act.

The ensemble regularly features a rotating cast of up to six auxiliary musicians adding instruments ranging from double bass to cellos, viola, violin, trumpet, piano, ukulele, mandolin, vocals and even accordion.

In “Overboard,” the monotonous tempo accompanied by the distinct sounds of the accordion make for a unique sound, unmatched by many other folk bands.

The Ridges successfully combine introspective songwriting and passionate, high-energy performances to bring to life a theme of dark romanticism emphasized by their name.

With such a variety of instrumental talent and sound, The Ridges first album is a pleasant addition to any alternative music library.

The album release show is May 21 at 9 p.m. at Donkey Coffee and Espresso in Athens.

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