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PAD makes changes for new year, changes location

The smell of hot, fresh pizza might tickle the nostrils of some on campus at Ohio State, but most are used to waiting two to three hours for that sensation to reach them.

Pizza at the Drake, commonly known as PAD, is undergoing changes with their name and location. PAD, which will be known as Pizza and Delivery, is moving from the Drake Performance and Event Center to the Lane Avenue Residence Hall beginning Autumn Quarter.

“The PAD’s business is driven by delivery. We just don’t see a lot of traffic coming through the door,” said Karri Benishek, a manager of marketing and communications for the Office of Student Life. “That could be that departmentally things are moving away from the Drake and we’re hopeful the change will bring more people into the PAD.”

The location change will hopefully not only bring more traffic into the PAD, but will result in a larger kitchen and more spaces to park their delivery vehicles, Benishek said.

The new PAD will still accept BuckID meal swipes for the food and convenience items they will offer.

“One thing we’re doing over at Lane Avenue is adding some convenience items. We’re not just picking up the PAD and moving it, we’re also going to make sure we tweak that menu,” Benishek said.

Specific menu changes are still being decided by the culinary staff of the PAD and will be announced later this summer.

The cost to move the PAD is estimated only to be a few thousand dollars but is not finalized yet, Benishek said. They are not adding any new equipment and only have to pay for the moving and installation costs.

“Location wise, I think West Campus has a lot of disadvantages when running a delivery service and conversely, being located on Lane has a lot of advantages,” said PAD student delivery manager Jimmy Hafner, a fourth-year in political science and philosophy.

Hafner expects there to be bumps in the road when they move into the new building, but he said most of the other employees he’s spoken with are excited for the change.

“I think overall, it will definitely benefit our operation as far as delivery times go, quality of service and we’ll benefit from the customer satisfaction,” Hafner said. “I also know for this year we’ve purchased two new Chevy HHR’s for the delivery service that will hopefully eliminate some wait time on orders.”

PAD student supervisor Alyssa Douglas, a fourth-year in speech and hearing science, said she expects the change to benefit the efficiency of the PAD as a whole. She expects to be busier because of the building change and faster in the larger location.

“I was surprised to hear we were moving but it makes sense,” Douglas said. “I didn’t expect to move at all, but we’re always trying to become better, and I think this will be a good change for us.”

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