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Curren$y album low on substance, soars in technical skill

Curren$y showcases his labelmates on “Jet Life Order,” predominantly Trademark Da Skydiver and Young Roddy. It also includes a slew of other rappers on the label.

“Jet Life Order” is a decently solid compilation that presents a series of spacey beats, as is tradition with much of Curren$y’s music, and a relaxed flow. However, the album’s weaknesses lie in its discussion of overused topics.

The album is mostly a slew of spacey jams, but it has its standout tracks: “Exhale,” “1st Place” and “Blow Up.” These songs mostly consist of just Trademark and Roddy, but, at times, Curren$y and Mikey Rocks. The first of these songs has its serene quality, as is typical with the Jet artists. “Exhale” is exemplary of Jet Life themes. It goes over their usual subject matter of weed and money.

With that in mind, it may appear to be another mundane effort. However, as the song’s hook implies, it’s less about those entities in themselves but what they represent about the “Jet Set life.” They are creating a representation of themselves, for better or for worse.

“1st Place” goes along with the chilled beat motif of “Jet Life Order.” It’s a more competitive version of “Exhale.” As is represented in the hook, provided by Curren$y, featuring the lines: “All them b—-es come around cause my n—-s coming up now … all them b—-es run to us cause they don’t want no runners-up.” It’s another song about obtaining currency and obtaining ladies, so the album can be a drag in theme but nonetheless listeners gain insight into the “Jet life.”

Trademark and Roddy break the album’s laid-backness with “Blow Up,” a more off-putting, abrasive track. Even though this one will surely be skipped by those who are greater fans of the more floaty production, it stands out as the basis for Trademark’s and Roddy’s best verses. Of course, the same old lyricism is there, but the track serves as an example of what these rappers ought to be doing: representing the “Jet Set life” with a meaner flow.

“Jet Set Order” is our first dosage of this crew rapping together. Although it attempts to rectify already extremely worn out themes, it is still a relatively decent album in its consistency and the artists’ success in representing the “Jet Set life.”

Grade: B

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