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Commentary: Celebrating 200 years of Columbus in song

Courtesy of 200Columbus

If Adam Sandler can write a song about Hanukkah, someone can write a song about Columbus.

The Celebrate Columbus in Song Contest selection process will soon begin. Jan. 31 is the last day to submit an original Columbus-inspired song. The selection process will start Feb. 14. Voters will be able to choose their favorite tracks on song.200columbus.com. The top 10 songs will be chosen for the “200Columbus” CD that will be released in the spring with the winning songs will be announced in early April. The composers of the winning selections will be awarded $500 and a chance to professionally record their song and perform at events throughout the year.

This is my attempt. It’s called “Ann Arbor’s Got Nothing on This.”


“How many places can you go where you can meet ‘Help Is On the Way?’    Where you can venture onto the field where the Buckeyes play?You can take a long walk down the Oval mall,

And realize that even the biggest university can feel so small.

Where else can you get Jeni’s Goat Cheese and Cognac (other than Tennessee)?

I think Buckeyes have got my back (on this).

Buckeye Donuts at any hour, you can pick up an apple fritter or three,

And enjoy the January weather — snow- and sleet-free.

Where else can the drunks go at 4 a.m.? PJ’s is where they go before bed,

It’s the only place I’ve heard of that asking for a Fat Bi— gets you fed.

No city has home-team pride like Buckeye Nation,

Check out the Blue Jackets, though a hat trick is unlikely and you may hear screams of frustration.

Columbus is a place where you’ll always feel at home,

Where people hear and echo you when you say ‘O-H-I-O.'”

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