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Cuzzins frozen yogurt shop to become part of High Street family

Andi Hendrickson / Lantern photographer

The frozen yogurt void left on High Street when Red Mango closed in the fall will soon be filled when Cuzzins Yogurt opens their newest store on campus this spring.

The small family-owned business is expanding beyond their Lane Avenue and Hilliard locations and opening two new stores on High Street and in Lewis Center.

Jeanie Patrick, co-owner of Cuzzins, said the decision to open a store on campus was an easy one.

“A lot of our customers go to Ohio State,” Patrick said. “When the space became available, we decided to go for it.”

The space at 1866 N High St. became vacant when Red Mango Frozen Yogurt closed last fall.

Patrick said she thinks Cuzzins will be more successful in the space than its yogurt-selling predecessor.

“We already have quite a following on campus, and we have a great variety of options in our yogurt,” Patrick said. “We have sweet and sour yogurt, and a variety of toppings, both fresh fruit and things not as healthy, which gives us a greater appeal.”

The campus location is expected to open early Spring Quarter.

“We would like to say no later than April 1. All the plans are done and the layout has been drawn. We still need to get the permit, which takes a while,” Patrick said.

Some students, even some who have never been to Cuzzins, said they are excited for the new store to open.

“One time my friends brought me some, and it was really good. It tastes like ice cream, so it’s my favorite. I will definitely go,” said Brittany Cox, a second-year in molecular genetics.

Some students don’t plan on going out of their way to eat there, but said it could be a nice option in warm weather.

“I like frozen yogurt. If I happen to be on High Street I would go, but only if it was hot outside,” said Bree Ware, a third-year in early childhood education.

Cuzzins participates in fundraising for several campus organizations and clubs, and Patrick said she expects this to continue, or increase, with the new location.

“We love having the young people here,” Patrick said. “We’re happy to participate in fundraising on campus.”

The new store will require a new staff, which Patrick said will primarily consist of OSU students.

“We are currently taking applications for our Lane Avenue and Hilliard stores, and it’s never too early to apply (for the new store). They would be trained at our other stores so when the campus location opens they can hit the ground running,” Patrick said.

Patrick said they are planning to hire 12 to 15 employees.

Cuzzins will accept BuckID to accommodate students, despite the expense to vendors, which is typically established between BuckID services and businesses.

“We will certainly have to. We will be just like everyone else on High Street,” Patrick said.

Patrick and her cousin John Falor opened the first Cuzzins location on Lane Avenue in June 2010, and after finding success, opened their second store in Hilliard in Oct. 2011. Both retired, the two had wanted to open a business together, Patrick said. Being yogurt lovers, it didn’t take them long to figure out what business they wanted to open.

“We decided on yogurt and we haven’t been sorry since,” Patrick said.


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