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Fans get different fix on Bombay Bicycle Club’s new album

There’s a league of artists developing in mainstream music.

This league has a sound that hugs indie rock but quickly takes a step back to be accessible to a much larger group. These artists, such as Foster the People, have some powerful songs that observe constant play on MP3 players and radios throughout the country, but they tend to be anything but dynamic.

Bombay Bicycle Club is part of this mainstream indie league, exhibiting less than complex lyricism. However, BBC has much more going for it, as musically, it is quite the opposite of its colleagues.

“A Different Kind of Fix” has its chillwave aspects, notably on “Lights Out, Words Gone.” This song is distant and reverberating, not asking for too much of the listener’s attention, save some light head-bobbing. The song’s predecessor, “Your Eyes,” has a spacey build-up at its conclusion. The solemn “Fracture” is as sentimental as it is relaxed, standing as the album’s least abrasive, most-chilled tune.

Even when BBC tries to gain a sigh-worthy, painfully emotional edge, it is still capable of being sonically intriguing. On “What You Want,” its definable, palm-muted guitar riffs dive into a more comprehensive rock sound, backed by echo vocals.

Even with its attempt at sentimentality, it seems that BBC does not really ask for much — it is largely a calm band that is comfortable with this characteristic.  

BBC’s use of piano is particularly interesting on this record. The album’s lead single, “Shuffle,” has an awkwardly accentuated piano hook, but in turn makes the song one of the most recognizable on the record. The album’s closer, “Still,” is mysterious and slightly rough, comparable to a sketch of Radiohead’s “Videotape.”

Bombay Bicycle Club’s “A Different Kind of Fix” is a more defined, well-crafted record that truly comes off as a supporter of hope for that sect of rock music that is absorbed by the most people.

Grade: B+

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