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Eddie George returns to Ohio State with new book

Dani Myers / Lantern photographer

Former Ohio State running back Eddie George returned to campus Tuesday night and it had very little to do with football.

The 1995 Heisman Trophy winner and his wife of seven years, Tamara “Taj” George, spent the evening at the South Campus Gateway Barnes and Noble to promote their new book, “Married For Real.”

Co-written by the couple, the book aims to tell the Georges’ story while helping readers rise to meet the daily challenges in their own marriages.

“It’s kind of our blueprint and our map of how we navigated through it and grew through those experiences based on it,” Eddie George said.

Tamara George agreed, saying the publisher originally approached them and they thought it would be fun “to put it all out there.”

“So many people think that marriage is like this pretty party and a reception but it’s not,” she said. “After that party’s over, you have to really put in some time and work the craft of marriage or else you run into issues.”

Eddie George said the couple met in 1994 at a mall in Florida and finally started dating in 1997.

“We became friends, first and foremost, and based off of our friendship we grew to like each other, and 14 years later we’re sitting here having this conversation,” he said.

Eddie George said returning to campus is always a great experience for him and it’s always different when he comes back.

One of those notable changes would be the addition of new OSU football coach Urban Meyer, who he said he has met a few times.

Most recently, Eddie George said he talked to Meyer in New York at the Heisman Hall of Fame dinner where the two shared football stories, ideologies, philosophy.

Meyer also told Eddie George “what he plans on bringing to the table at Ohio State.”

“I’m a big fan obviously, so I think he’ll be fine,” Eddie George said.  

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