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Students take on final part of unseasonable Winter Quarter, are ready to spring ahead

Adam Neu, a 1st-year in biomedical engineering; Justin Thomas, a 1st-year in chemical engineering; and Ryan Girard, a 1st-year in welding engineering, study for finals outside on March 11.

Just like Christmas, Spring Break or a 21st birthday, some Ohio State students mark their calendars months in advance when looking ahead toward finals week. The typically-stressful week might be the worst during Winter Quarter when coupled with cold weather, snow and ice. But because the entire state seemingly evaded a typical winter season, those who hoped maybe the stress level would follow suit are out of luck.

Walking around the Oval on OSU’s campus, numerous students were asked a simple question, how do you deal with the stress?

Leigh Neithardt, a first-year graduate student in education, said she finds physical exercise to be one of the best remedies for dealing with test stress.

“I try to exercise a little bit more, go running, but it’s a little hard because I don’t have a system yet because this is only my second quarter (at OSU).” Neithardt said. “There’s not a lot of time to get stuff done, you have so much to do in such a short amount of time, so there’s no rest.”

Mao Huang, a second-year in horticulture and crop science, said the weather has definitely helped her cope with the stresses of finals.

“For me, one of the challenging things is being too worried. Like, sitting outside and having the sunshine kind of cools down my mood,” Huang said. “Somehow, I think you can choose a place where it’s relatively quiet and you can just calm down a little bit.”

Chelsea Schultz, a fourth-year in pharmaceutical sciences, said she tries to be as studious as she can, but stressed the importance of rest.

“I just try to get started as early as I possibly can and try to spread it out and make sure there are fun things happening (in between),” Schultz said. “I try to stay away from the all-nighters and staying up too late — I can’t think without sleep.”

On the contrary, Wesley Werstiuk, a first-year in exploration, said staying up to study is no problem for him, but the lack of rest can wear on a person.

“I’m a night person, it’s really hard for me to fall asleep at night. Usually I’ll just stay in bed and kind of lay there forever until I fall asleep, so I don’t get much sleep anyways,” Werstiuk said. “I need sleep. I will sleep through class if I have to.”

Regardless of method, style or practice, virtually all students in one way or another are pinned with at least one final. For the students with multiple exams, thoughts of Spring Break in their heads as they sleep should offer comfort in the fact that a short, but much needed, hiatus is right around the corner.

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