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Columbus chocolatiers to showcase sweets

30 p.m. April 24.

Lots of chocolate will be at Camelot Cellars Urban Boutique Winery Tuesday, but don’t expect to indulge in a Hershey’s bar or a Ghirardelli square.

Camelot Cellars, located at 958 N. High St., will host its first Columbus Chocolatiers Fest at 6:30 p.m Tuesday.

“We want to promote more of the ‘mom and pop’ stores,” said Janine Aquino, owner of Camelot Cellars. “We try to focus on local chocolatiers that make great chocolate and showcase their skills.”

Camelot Cellars invited chocolatiers in the Central Ohio area to display their best chocolate.

Wine and chocolate will be paired together in order to highlight the talent of various chocolatiers.

“Chocolate goes great with wine,” Aquino said. “Especially, red wines and port wines go great as well.”

Chocolatiers from as far as Athens, Ohio, and as close as Grandview are expected to showcase their sweets at the event.

“Nothing goes better together than a dark chocolate truffle and a glass of red wine,” said Lisa Boyle, owner of Chocolate Café, located at 1855 Northwest Blvd.  

Boyle said as owner of Chocolate Café, she focuses on selling only her best quality chocolate.

“When you are in the restaurant business, you are creating dishes, desserts and candies daily, and we mess up constantly,” Boyle said, who serves chocolate fondue everyday that is made from scratch. “We are constantly tweaking things and working with the chocolate.”

Victor Gonzales, owner of Chocolate Octopus at 4600 International Gateway in Columbus, is not only keen on quantity, but also quality.

Chocolate Octopus specializes in chocolates that include fruits and peanuts, Gonzales said.  

“We want customers to know us for our freshness and value,” Gonzales said. “We don’t get into intense designs, just a bunch of chocolate into each piece.”

Stacy Peters, owner of O’Chocolate located in Athens, Ohio, said the type of ingredients she uses to make chocolate sets her company apart from others.

“O’Chocolate uses Fair Trade organic chocolate and focuses on using local and regional ingredients.” Peters said in an email.

In addition to using organic chocolate, Peters said O’Chocolate’s chocolate is made fresh in small batches and is hand-wrapped and packed in biodegradable packaging. Peters said the company is known for chocolate truffles and gourmet chocolate bars.

Boyle said she’s excited for small companies such as Chocolate Cafe to have the chance to showcase its chocolates at the Chocolatiers Fest.

“We want people to be able to realize that there are some smaller operations that produce some really great chocolate,” Aquino said. “And, not just the big chains.”

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