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OSU closes books on SEL name, repair begins

Sarah Ignatz-Hoover / Lantern photographer

In a matter of months, the Science and Engineering Library at Ohio State will not exist – at least not by that name.

The contents of the SEL has changed with the times, and University Libraries director Carol Diedrichs said its name no longer fits accurately.

“We don’t think the science and engineering name is very reflective of all of the people who use the building and the collections,” Diedrichs said.

The Music and Dance Library that was once housed in Sullivant Hall was relocated to the SEL during summer 2011. The library also features the Terra Byte Café and the Digital Union, with computers available to all students.

Anyone interested in the SEL’s name change could submit an idea through the University Libraries’ website, which features a place to enter ideas for the library’s new name.

University Libraries’ communications coordinator, Larry Allen, said the last opportunity to submit a name for the SEL online was Saturday evening.

Diedrichs said the goal of opening up the name change to the public was to generate as many good ideas as possible, as well as to make students aware of the change.

“One of the reasons we opened it up to students now is that if we pick a new name and implement it in the fall, that you don’t suddenly come back being like, ‘Oh what happened over the summer?'” Diedrichs said.

As of Friday morning, Diedrichs said about 1,500 webpage forms had been submitted, although that might not warrant 1,500 unique ideas. She said some want the name to remain, some have used the idea submission form to submit funny ideas and some have been serious suggestions.

“I think the only (unusual) things we’ve seen are occasionally naming it after a movie character or something, and people saying some funny stuff, but clearly some people have given some thought to a lot of the (submissions) we’ve gotten,” Allen said.

Some students, like Tyler Sink, a second-year in business marketing, said they don’t see the reason for the name change.

“I would just keep it the same, because I don’t think it’s necessary to change it,” Sink said. “I do think it’s a good idea to open up the opportunity to give suggestions to students though, why not?”

Diedrichs said some suggestions attempt to keep the letters “SEL” to save confusion and eliminate some reworking of university systems that use the acronym.

Social news website Reddit featured a posting on its OSU page about the SEL name change, and there were about 50 comments on the post with suggestions.

Over the summer, faculty will vote on some of the ideas gathered from the web submissions, as well as staff submissions, and the SEL will have a new name in the fall.

Along with the SEL’s name change, the library is going through a three-phase project to refresh the building.

Part of the project, like the relocation of the Music and Dance Library collections as well as new carpet throughout, is finished.

Two other phases, which include replacing the furniture and bringing in an architect to attempt to fix some of the traffic issues on the first floor, will add to the building’s facelift.


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