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Friday fashion: Cut off fear of mastering tricky summer trends with bright denim, daring tops

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I have found myself baffled by some of the summer trends I see as I walk down the New York City blocks to the office. Cropped tops, cut-off shorts, sheer blouses and colored denim are overflowing on the sidewalks. I remember these styles making their way to Ohio State’s campus Spring Quarter, but only coming out to play for a night out. These trends are completely wearable for daytime looks. You just have to know what to pair them with.

Cropped tops: Shunned by fashion guru Tim Gunn, these 80s-inspired shirts are here to stay-at least through August. Paired with high-waisted jeans, the amount of skin shown is somewhat decent and generally accepted on 90-degree days. Make sure to choose tops in bold colors that are completely opaque. There’s no need for a cropped top to be sheer. You can also wear these tops with any kind of shorts to the beach to double as a fun cover-up.

Cut-offs: These are shorts with higher hemlines on the outside of your legs making the hemline of the short look angled. I’ve found these to be hard to style, especially when going somewhere such as a nicer restaurant or even a concert. The hemline is not ideal for most body types, and does not flatter women with skinnier legs. Cut-offs look better if they fit your form. If you’re looking to try out this trend, I recommend pairing these shorts with a plain button down, basic t-shirt or even combat boots for a fiercer look.

Sheer blouses: See-through tops with colored undergarments were all the rage last summer. I imagine some fashionistas even chose to wear this look to the office! (I don’t suggest it.) The idea of a sheer blouse as a layering piece is something I love because you have the opportunity to play with patterns and textures in a way that is nearly impossible when layering basics. For work, it’s usually best to opt for a full-length tank underneath the blouse for an air of professionalism. Look for tanks with lace detail or even floral patterns for a different dynamic.

Colored denim: This trend has been going on for quite some time, but knowing what cut of jeans to choose or how to wear a colored pant can be extremely confusing. Skinny jeans that are slightly cropped look great in sherbet or neon colors. The bold hue on a more tapered pant works because the eye won’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of material. However, dress pants in a bright color paired with a white oxford shirt and nude heels can be just as aesthetically appealing.

It’s no secret that all trends are not created equal. Not all of us can pull off a cropped top, but most women can wear a colored pant. Knowing which styles are right for you will be the key to successful shopping. Try on everything, but buy only what you love. Trends come and go, but true fashion is created by you and lasts forever.

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