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Revamped residence halls ‘very appealing’ for campus dwellers

Daniel Chi / Asst. photo editor

The new 10th Avenue residence hall became home to hundreds of students this past week as the building made its debut, providing beds for more than 500 students.
The Lantern reported in October that the project would carry a $51 million price tag.
For resident John Nemer, a third-year in microbiology, it was the stainless steel kitchen that made him realize that this is a new kind of residence hall. Besides the laundromat and study rooms, each six-person suite is comprised of a common area with a microwave, a bathroom with three sinks and three two-person bedrooms.
Sarah Chasteen, a second-year in Spanish, lived in Scholars East residence last year. When she watched the residence hall on 10th being constructed, she applied to live there the following year.
“I love this building,” Chasteen said. “I love the windows, that’s what made me wanna live here, because in some other dorms you get a half window.”
Sunday was move-in day for students living on campus, and the feedback from students moving into the new dorm was very positive, said Nemer, who was one of the first to move in. He said the interest in the building is due to its convenient location and new amenities.
“There is a huge demand for this building, because it’s brand new and its set up is very appealing,” Nemer said.
According to the University Residences and Dining Services website, student residents pay $3,609 per semester to live there, and according to OSU’s undergraduate admissions website, students pay roughly $10,392 for on-campus room and board, depending on which meal plan they select.
Nemer and other students said they appreciate the spacious rooms the newly renovated residence halls offer.
The nearby Park-Stradley Hall received an interior makeover, adding new rooms and more natural light. The building opened this month after being closed last year as part of a South Campus residence hall renovation project The Lantern reported in February cost $172 million.
Paul Wojdacz, Park-Stradley Hall director, said the building from the 1960s needed a renovation to better fit the needs of its students. He said student response to the changes has been positive, especially for the 10th-floor lounge that Wojdacz said has the best view on campus.
Ashley Ingram, a second-year in animal science, said she was apprehensive at first when she realized she would live with five girls in her 10th Avenue suite.
“It will be a different experience with one shower and six girls,” Ingram said. “I had one roommate before, which is a big difference, but I am excited to meet new people and have different experiences.”
Getting involved and interacting with new people is one way students take advantage of OSU’s first-year on-campus living requirement.
“There are so many people, I feel like I can meet a new person every single day. I really like that,” Chasteen said.
In order to keep students involved throughout the school year, resident assistants organize social events like ice-cream nights and volleyball tournaments.
Some students have embraced the idea of living on campus and are excited for the upcoming school year in their new home.
“You get the college experience living in residence halls,” Chasteen said. “I think that’s a big part of it, and you’ll meet more people this way. That way when you live off campus, you’ll have people you can live with.”

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