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Women’s fashion: Preserve natural summer beauty as cold weather hits in autumn

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Since the colder weather swept in this past weekend, it’s time to consider changing your beauty routine to accommodate ever-changing Mother Nature.

Colder weather means drier skin, harsher winds and some necessary adaptations to your post-shower and pre-makeup routine.

Maintain moisture: Moisturizing your skin is something you should be doing every day, and if you haven’t been, you need to start now. It’s an easy way to keep that summertime tan from fading too fast, and it will keep your skin from producing too much oil. The best time to moisturize is right after you shower. Pat your skin dry with a towel and use a creamy formula to lock in the water your skin just soaked up.

Shed your skin: Lots of women claim scrubs are too harsh on their skin and tend to irritate and inflame instead of soften. Usually this means you’re not using the right scrub for your face and you’re probably using it wrong. Scrubs are key for removing dead skin cells that build up over the summer and hang out around your tan lines and on your face. If you are someone with super-sensitive skin, opt for a creamy formula with exfoliating beads that burst during the scrubbing process.

Help your hair: Sun-damaged hair is a direct effect of summertime sunlight. The harsh rays will bleach the color and bring out gorgeous highlights that definitely save you a trip to the salon.

Now that you have a great, new natural color, you should be thinking about ways to protect it from the harsh winds and cold weather that make hair prone to split ends and dull color. Hair masks are an easy way to make your color and healthy hair last longer and brighter. Use one right after you shower once every two weeks to restore oils and nutrients that your hair might be running low on. Your hair should feel thicker and shinier immediately.

Tone your tan: With your tan starting to fade on your face, makeup might become a bit more of a project. Toners are a great way to get your skin tone back to normal. Use it once a day (typically at night before you go to sleep) and apply with a cotton ball to even out skin tone and prevent too many discolored areas.

Love your lips: Lip balm is a lifesaver during all seasons. It’s easy to forget about our lips until we try to use our favorite lipstick or lip gloss and have some trouble with texture. Using lip balm generously before you go to bed and applying when you wake up in the morning will put you well on your way to kissable lips.

The key with beauty routines is to stick to them. Chances are you won’t see the results you’re looking for after one day, but give it a week or two and you’ll be happy with the results the magic potions promised on the back of the bottle.

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