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Disney’s musical ‘Beauty and the Beast’ to be Columbus’ guest at Palace Theatre

Courtesy of Joan Marcus

Once upon a time, a young woman met a prince trapped under a spell in the body of a beast. And after learning to love, the couple lived happily ever after. Now they will start that love story all over again in Columbus.

The musical “Beauty and the Beast” is scheduled to be performed Tuesday through Sunday at Palace Theatre.

Based on the 1991 Disney film “Beauty and the Beast,” the musical ran on Broadway from 1994 to 2007, and it has also been performed to more than 35 million people nationwide and in 13 different countries, according to the tour’s website.

The original creators, including director Rob Roth and choreographer Matt West, have reunited since the stage musical opened on Broadway to revise that version.

However the revised show, brought to Columbus through theater production company NETworks Presentations LLC, is slightly different than the original Broadway production.

“There are a few revisions,” said James May, the actor who plays Cogsworth. “There are a couple of songs that the original production cut, and one song is one of the most popular songs of the show.”

May said this new production helps the story-telling process.

“There were a few scenes that we didn’t think propel the story forward, so we cut them out or revised (them),” May said. “We wanted to make the story a little bit faster because in any story you want to keep the story moving.”

May also said, unlike the original Broadway play, the revised production of “Beauty and the Beast” is not a direct adaptation of the Disney movie.

“Designers in (the) new production, they were given more free range of conceptual frame,” May said.

He added it wasn’t made just for children.

“When the audience comes out of the theater, dads who got dragged there who didn’t want to go, those guys are having the biggest smile on their faces,” May said. “Adults, especially who didn’t expect to like it, they always end up loving it.”

May also said some jokes in the show just appeal to adults.

Kelsey Dickerhoof, a third-year in psychology, said the movie and musical “Beauty and the Beast” isn’t just for children.

“In any Disney movie, even though most parts are for children, there are plenty of things that suit adults,” Dickerhoof said, and added she hopes to attend the performance.

“This is one of the first Disney movies that I saw and I always liked the story and characters. I know it won’t replicate the movie exactly, but I would imagine (it has) the same story and same atmosphere that the movie has,” she said. “‘Beauty and Beast’ is one of my favorite Disney movies.”

Tickets for “Beauty and the Beast,” are $28 to $83 and can be purchased through Ticketmaster. The Palace Theatre is located at 34 W. Broad St.

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