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Commentary: Jennifer Aniston, Naomi Watts shine on Oscars red carpet, Kristen Stewart fumbles

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The Academy Awards attendees blew the fashion present at the Grammy Awards out of the water Sunday night.
Unlike the horrible taste that crossed the stage on Feb. 10 during music’s biggest night of the year, the stars of the acting world definitely proved their fashion worth at the 85th Annual Oscars.
Well, mostly.
We cannot let those few actresses who looked like they got dressed in the dark off the hook – what fun would that be?
First up: Anne Hathaway. Not only did she win an Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her part in “Les Misérables,” but also a worst-dressed award due to the apron-like dress she wore that made her nipples look awkward and pointy. On the red carpet, she told Kristin Chenoweth in an interview that her mom described the Prada dress as “business in front, party in the back.” That being said, no one should be wearing a dress with the same motto as a mullet.
However, the star did redeem herself a tiny bit with the glittery custom Giorgio Armani number she wore during the “Les Misérables Oscar performance onstage. She probably should have worn that gown on the red carpet and thrown the Prada in the trash.
The next fashion failure came from Kristen Stewart. This worst-dressed pick had nothing to do with her hobbling down the first span of the red carpet on crutches and everything to do with the hideous leaves and spouts of tulle that adorned the Reem Acra dress that made Stewart look as though she had a baby bump. Probably should have gone with something a little less, well, chunky.
I did not know it was possible, but even child actresses can not escape the worst-dressed list. Fátima Ptacek, known for supplying the voice of Dora the Explorer on Nickelodeon’s show of the same name, wore a tulle nightmare that seemed to be cut randomly in every direction. On the plus side, if she were to have gotten lost in the theater she wouldn’t have been hard to spot with all that fluff!
But we must of course also honor those who dressed to impress and made the red carpet the stunning catwalk it is meant to be.
For starters, Jennifer Aniston always looks absolutely stunning on the red carpet, and she finally stepped out of her black-dress-only box at this year’s Oscars. She wore a simple, yet gorgeous tangerine Valentino gown that accentuated her in all the right places.
Jane Fonda also made a bold move with her canary yellow Versace gown. Although other fashion critics have put her on the worst-dressed list for this dress, I think she pulls it off beautifully by emphasizing her fit and trim body that gives no hint as to her age (she’s 75!).
One of my favorite looks of the evening was Sandra Bullock’s elegant Elie Saab gown that glittered with embellishments from top to bottom. It screamed sex appeal yet was still very classy and modern.
So, who was the best-dressed star of the evening, you ask? Hands down, the award goes to Naomi Watts for her gorgeous Armani gown that is sure to be an inspiration for runway looks for years to come.
The silver number from waist down was just a simple, flowing gown, but the neckline is what set the dress apart from all of the others. The unique cut drew attention to Watts’ perfectly-toned shoulders and collarbone, adding to the overall perfection of her look. The dress was certainly fit for the status of the star, who was a nominee for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her part in “The Impossible.”
Thankfully, this year’s Oscars attendees made the red carpet fashion something worth watching. Unfortunately, it is the last awards show of this season, and we have to wait another seven months for the Primetime Emmy Awards before we can rampantly insult celebrities for spending unreasonable amounts of money on hideous award show attire. Until then! 

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