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Ohio State revamps athletic, academic logos

Andrew Holleran / Photo editor

Ohio State released a new athletic logo to the public Monday, the same day it approved the use of the non-rounded in Block “O” in its academic logo.

After a Board of Trustees vote Friday, the Block “O” will also take the place of the round “O” on OSU’s university seal, which is mostly seen on diplomas and official university documents.

Jacquie Aberegg, assistant vice president of OSU marketing, told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that school officials started working on updating the seal about two years ago. The end result was all part of OSU’s mission to give the school one notable identity that gives it the best representation of academics and athletics.

“We engaged hundreds of students, alumni, faculty, staff and parents through the course of this project and looked for a visual cue,” Aberegg told the Plain Dealer. “We learned that there is a common link – that the symbol is symbolic of all of those things, the breadth and depth of the academic program and the connection to the athletics. The Block “O” is the best of our history and will help us into the future.”

School officials told the Plain Dealer that changes to these university symbols will be put into effect over the next few years during which time current material, like stationary, is used up.

Officials told the paper that the new logo will be applied online, to documents and on buildings, but more permanent items will not be replaced.

While the Block “O” has been OSU athletic department’s logo for decades, the words “Ohio State” on the department’s symbol will be all black instead of black and white now.

The academic logo has been changed to a Block “O” with the words “The Ohio State University” to the right of it.

No changes were made to the OSU Alumni Association’s logo of a Block “O” with a Buckeye leaf over top of it.

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