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Pacific Air sibling duo to bring high energy to sold-out show with Walk the Moon

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When two musically talented brothers realized they both enjoyed playing and writing similar songs, they put their talents together to form a band.
Ryan and Taylor Lawhon formed Pacific Air in January 2012 , originally called KO KO, an indie band touring with Walk the Moon.
Pacific Air is slated to open for the sold-out Walk the Moon show at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion.
Ryan Lawhon said he enjoys touring and being able to spend so much time with his younger brother.
“It’s really nice to always have that constant there with you so you’re never alone in anything you do, which is really comforting,” he said. “It’s really fun being able to share all the experiences with someone.”
The southern California siblings started playing together when they were 15 and 18 years old. Now 20 and 23, they are touring around the country playing their music for new audiences.
“It’s been really fun, it’s been a different crowd for us,” Ryan Lawhon said. “It’s a little bit younger than our normal crowd, which is really great because it’s a different market with people of all age groups.”
Jason Winner, a fourth-year in English, will not be attending the show on Thursday but is a fan of Pacific Air’s music.
“You can say they sound like a California indie-pop band,” Winner said. “The percussion and the sampling make me think of Animal Collective mixed with the pop of Walk the Moon.”
Pacific Air has been touring with Walk the Moon since Jan. 18 and will continue until Friday. On Monday, Pacific Air will begin traveling with the indie-rock band Ra Ra Riot.
“It’s been really eye-opening and Walk the Moon has been really fantastic. They’ve gone out of their way to be really nice so it’s been fun,” Ryan Lawhon said. “We’re a little sad that the tour’s almost over with them.”
Joe Duffy, a second-year in international studies, has never heard Pacific Air play before but is looking forward to seeing them for the first time at Thursday’s show.
“The first time I saw Walk the Moon was when they opened for Young the Giant, so I’m really excited to see these guys and I hope that they’re another opening band that I’ll really enjoy,” he said.
Ryan Lawhon said the duo’s 40-minute opening set will turn up the energy for the live show.
“We try to energize and pick up everything a lot so we really heat up the crowd,” he said. “It’s a higher-energy show than one might expect, especially after listening to our EP.”
The band debuted a music video for its recently released single, “Float,” last week and soon plans to release its new record, Ryan Lawhon said.
In addition to its show this week, Pacific Air is scheduled to return to Columbus later this month on Feb. 28 to play at the A&R Music Bar with Ra Ra Riot.

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