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Opinion: Ohio State’s Marcus Hall proves immaturity by signing photos of double-bird flip

Redshirt-senior right guard Marcus Hall (79) blocks a Michigan player. OSU beat Michigan, 42-41, Nov. 29. Hall was ejected from the game after a fight.

Redshirt-senior right guard Marcus Hall (79) blocks a Michigan player. OSU beat Michigan, 42-41, Nov. 29. Hall was ejected from the game after a fight. Credit: Ritika Shah / Asst. photo editor

When it was announced through the loud speakers at Michigan Stadium that Ohio State offensive lineman Marcus Hall would be ejected from his final battle against that team up North, I could only imagine the deflation and rage that coursed through his veins.

A game he had prepared for with incredible diligence simply vanished amidst a moment of chaos.

I watched live in Ann Arbor as Hall stomped off the field, showing his helmet no mercy as he tossed it mightily toward the bench, and allowed his emotions to gain him the notoriety he most likely never thought he’d have, as he made the obscene gesture that will go down in infamy.

While I wasn’t necessarily thrilled with the legendary double-bird gesture after it happened, as it was a decisive blow to OSU’s play, I completely understand how it could happen.

At that moment, Hall’s anger was at an unfathomable level and amidst it all, with nothing left to do, Hall showed Michigan — its fans, its coaches, its players — what he really thought of them in one rage-filled moment.

Of course, Hall’s gesture quickly went viral and while it didn’t paint him or his team in the most positive light, it was, in my book, somewhat acceptable. It was nothing more than a player’s emotions getting the best of him. We’ve seen it before and we’ll certainly see it again. In such a big game, a game dubbed “The Game,” its even more understandable.

Hall’s latest move, however, I take small issue with.

Amidst his newfound fame, Hall has decided to take advantage of the opportunity for monetary profit, selling photos of the incident titled, “Noteable Moments” with his signature and a line, “4X Gold Pants,” beneath the title.

I don’t have a problem with Hall taking advantage of his fleeting popularity — he’s going to sell a lot of those autographed photos.

Rather, I have a problem with the perception that the signed picture gives off, both of Hall and OSU.

First of all, with Hall, I am perplexed as to why he would be proud of this moment. Clearly, if he’s signing the pictures, he’s owning the moment and is almost proud of the way he handled himself in the Big House.

Again, I understand why it happened, but for Hall to embrace the moment, rather than to leave it in the past, is immature.

Hall is looking to be selected in May’s NFL Draft, but if I’m an NFL general manager looking to draft him, this photo-signing incident raises an immediate red flag. If Hall wasn’t mature enough in the Big House to handle himself professionally, and he’s not mature enough now to realize that he made a mistake, I certainly wouldn’t believe Hall would be mature enough to handle the NFL and its many challenges.

In addition, the signed photos seem to paint the OSU community — students, faculty and fans — in a negative light.

My visualization of what members of other colleges and college football communities think of OSU goes as follows:  “Wow, Ohio State fans are proud of Marcus Hall for this incident, so much so that they are willing to put money into his pockets for doing such a thing. Oh, and to top it all off, the word “notable” is spelled wrong, so not only are they proud of an obscene gesture, they are too dumb to realize it’s spelled wrong.”

The Marcus Hall moment will live on for many, many years to come. Rather than to embrace it, the OSU community should simply compartmentalize the moment as an example of the competitive spirit of the OSU–Michigan rivalry. Neither Hall, nor anyone else, should be proud of the moment.

These autographed and misspelled mementos are evidence of the latter, not the former.


  1. This behavior is symptomatic of how we embrace the worst behaviors and take pride in doing so.

  2. Let’s hope that he learns his lesson and grows up

  3. So immature. So disgraceful to OSU. I am ashamed. But does anybody know where I could get one?

  4. I think it’s fantastic. The double bird in the Big House, signed, with “4x Gold Pants”? I’m sold. I’ll excuse the poor spelling of notable.

  5. Don’t get met started on the “thugs” in the NFL so lets just not go there pretending Hall is headed to “heavenly” grounds!!! Next I joked “Oh he needs to help mom pay bills and get tattoos as well!!!!” OUCH hahahahaha Hall if you were my son when I got through taking your head off for embarrassing me on NATIONAL TV you wouldn’t have thought this latest ignorant move was cute……..

  6. Marcus – we get it. What U of M did was uncalled for, dangerous (removing a helmet??!!) and they got off with way less punishment than deserved for that whole incident. Totally get being angry over that and wanting to stand up for a younger and smaller teammate. However, by storming off and flipping the bird – now YOU look like a bad guy too. Take the high road – if you are in the right, everyone will see it and support you. Channel anger into beating a team on the field – because winning is what will get you the most satisfaction. All the rest is just garbage/noise/drama.

  7. lighten up nancy

  8. Ohio State-Michigan… It’s the greatest rivalry in all of sport according to ESPN! Who can fault a young man for getting caught up in the moment?

    After all, we instill in young Buckeyes the hatred for this school at a very young age, do we not?

    As far as Marcus being concerned about the NFL… I think there are enough shenanigans that go on in the league that are far worse than a Buckeye “warrior” displaying his disdain for that “Team Up North.”

    If we want to talk about disgusting images consider the Desmond Howard “Heisman” pose. To me there’s nothing more disgusting than an Ohio boy (traitor) in a maize and blue uniform.

    Of course, if one does some research on Michigan’s football program you’ll find that all of their greatest player’s, and coaches, do come from Ohio. Yost and Schembechler to name a few.

    Personally, I think…a movie about Chic Harley and the greatest college football rivalry of the 20th century should be made. Then, people will understand why the passions in “The Game” run so high.

    Michiganders have been “low life vermin” for years.

    They tried to break Hop Cassidy’s leg in the Michigan Game and they started the fight which ignited Marcus’ response.

    To all Buckeye fans I say, “don’t ever forget that!!!”



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