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Opinion: Miley Cyrus mourns pup, Nebraskan prom-goers take a dive

Miley Cyrus performs at PNC Arena April 8 in raleigh, N.C. Credit: Courtesy of MCT

Miley Cyrus performs at PNC Arena April 8 in Raleigh, N.C.
Credit: Courtesy of MCT

This is part of a weekly series called “Pop Opinions” where The Lantern offers its take on the week’s pop culture news.

Pop Princess’s Pooch Passes

Miley Cyrus, along with the rest of the Bangerz community, mourns the loss of Floyd, Miley’s husky.

Miley tweeted April 2, “I don’t wanna say it because I don’t want it to be real … But my precious baby Floyd has passed away. I am broken.”

Millions of tweets have been circulating in regard to the deceased pet and the manner in which the pop icon is dealing with it. The popuar @TweetLikeAGirl account recently tweeted, “Miley Cyrus is more upset over losing her dog than she was over losing Liam and that is how you f—— do it.”

Very good point — at least Miley has her priorities in order. Ladies, order of importance should be as follows: mom and dad, your pup, your best friend, monogrammed bags, Jeni’s Salty Caramel ice cream, “Gossip Girl,” symmetrical eyebrows, then boys.

But speaking of Miley, she is coming to the Schottenstein Center here in Columbus Sunday and there are still tickets left. Hopefully Ms. Cyrus is able to rally in time for the show.

Beenies For your Beagle, Hoodie for your Husky

American Beagle Outfitters.

You read correctly, folks. No typo here.

The company released a canine fashion line March 24 as an April Fools’ joke that would double as an effort to help dogs in need. Shoppers are encouraged to sign up to be wait-listed for an exclusive look at the line and receive 20 percent off American Eagle purchases with $1 per order going toward the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Because of the incredible consumer response and demand, American Eagle plans to premiere a limited edition line of doggie clothing for the 2014 holiday season. So ladies, next Christmas, while you are talking to mom and pop on your iPhone, eating your salty caramel ice cream, your pooch can sit comfortably and, more importantly, stylishly in your monogrammed bag. Boys, you can buy your girlfriend’s dog a nice knit sweater to secure your place at eighth on her totem pole of importance.

Prom Attendees Should Have Stuck With Selfies

If you think your senior prom sucked, you are wrong.

Well actually, it probably did suck, but I bet the kids from Pierce High School had it worse than you. A group of Nebraska students were posing for prom pictures on a bridge over the weekend, and due to the excessive weight, fell through into the creek below. One of the guys involved posted a picture to Twitter Sunday with the caption, “Yesterday was our senior prom. We lined up for our pictures on a bridge & it collapsed and we fell in the creek…” That tweet has more than 50,000 retweets and 61,000 favorites.

Nothing like a little turmoil to bring the Twitter community together.

Michigan State’s Biggest Fan Dies

Eight-year-old Lacey Holsworth, more affectionately known as Princess Lacey, passed away Wednesday night to the great upset of a slew of people, including Michigan State basketball player Adreian Payne. Lacey touched the hearts of thousands of basketball players and fans across the country during March Madness with her inspiring battle against cancer. Payne took an interest in her and even brought her onto the floor during his Senior Night celebration. Princess Lacey even kissed Payne’s basketball before his entry at the Slam Dunk Championship. Payne posted a picture of him and his good friend to twitter with a caption that read, “It was time for my lil princess to go home & feel no more pain, now she’s happy & she’s my angel watching over me.”

My heart goes out to the Holsworth family but it also makes me think about all the children who are going through something similar but are not able to meet famous basketball players throughout their battles. Hopefully this story can bring hope to all the children and families who suffer from cancer. ESPN analyst Dick Vitale is set to raise $250,000 in Lacey’s name to the Holsworth family.

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