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Opinion: Nancy Grace clumsy, 2 Chainz poised in debate

2 Chainz and Nancy Grace participated in a debate about marijuana legalization earlier this month. Credit: Courtesy of TNS.

2 Chainz and Nancy Grace participated in a debate about marijuana legalization earlier this month.
Credit: Courtesy of TNS.

Nancy Grace held a debate on her show this month about the pros and cons of marijuana legalization in the United States. On one side, you had the former prosecutor bashing the drug and those who smoke it, while providing defense on the other side was rapper and marijuana enthusiast 2 Chainz. Not a scientist doing research on the drug, not a member of a pro-legalization group, but 2 Chainz. They made an odd couple, to say the least, but the results of the debate might be even more surprising to some people.

2 Chainz supported his argument by talking about how marijuana compares to alcohol, the time and money wasted on marijuana-related arrests, possible economic revenue, as well as the medical and psychological benefits it brings. He brought up how each person is responsible for their actions regardless of what substance they choose to use. While the rapper articulated his points across clearly, provided insight from his personal life, and showed respect to the host, Grace spent most of the show yelling and showing videos of toddlers smoking weed as rebuttal. Instead of using facts or statistics to back her arguments up, Grace tried to use fear tactics to scare viewers onto her side but was thwarted at just about every turn by actual logic from 2 Chainz.

“It’s the same thing with the legalization of alcohol, you find some footage of people doing this. Some people actually love their child. These people are imbeciles and you can’t define the whole community with this case,” he said.

After realizing her plan wasn’t working, Grace tried to discredit the rapper by reading aloud some of his infamous lyrics. As if the segment itself wasn’t cringe-worthy enough.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of marijuana legalization, you can’t ignore how ignorant Grace made herself look on her own show. She probably thought bringing on a famous rapper would attract publicity and give her an easy opponent to debate against. She must not have realized that a man who graduated from college with a 4.0 while on an athletic scholarship was capable of discussing more than just hip-hop, chains and strip clubs.

The biggest takeaway from the debate wasn’t so much about Grace though, but 2 Chainz. Grace has spent years making outlandish and controversial statements on national television, but most people had never heard the rapper speak so eloquently about a topic. It might not always shine through in his music, but 2 Chainz demonstrated his intelligence and showed a different side to his persona. Nancy Grace may want to embarrass herself again with a rematch, but 2 Chainz should walk away with his new-earned respect.


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  2. All I have to say is NG is the reason I gave a donation to the Home Going of Phylicia Barnes who was found floating nude here in a river!!! When I asked my buckeye alum daughter in Vegas at Jabbawockeez show “OMG who is that rapper? I love this song I’m Different.” She replied 2 Chainzzzzzz! hahahahaha

  3. She got an incoherent argument so I call her incoherent argument

  4. This was a good summary of what happened in the debate. NG came off as having the stance and debating skills of a naïve 13 year old and certainly doesn’t deserve to have a voice in the media. She is a detriment to society. Ironically I actually feel the need to smoke weed to calm me down after listening to her unbelievable drivel. She’s so out of touch that she’s somehow still stuck in the “Reefer Madness” era. Just a horrible person all round.

  5. Grace is a loud mouth b*tch. Who comes across as high on coke, or meth. She uses a lot of words, but says nothing.

    Grace’s uses of tragedies, committed while on cannabis, proves absolutely nothing. People also kill others while sober. Should we outlaw being sober? By Grace’s twisted logic, yes.

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