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Concert review: Death Cab gets crowd moving to old and new favorites

Ohio Stadium wasn’t the only place in Columbus this weekend where people stood up and cheered. Lifestyle Communities Pavilion was jam packed Saturday night with huge Death Cab for Cutie fans, all happy to be there.

The opening act was Twin Shadow and his band. Death Cab took an hour and a half to set up, but the minute the headliners came on stage, everyone was on their feet. They started their show with “No Room with a Frame” from their 2015 album, “Kintsugi.”

Two popular songs that they played from that album was “Black Sun” and “The Ghost of Beverly Drive.” The latter was accompanied by flashing lights, loud instruments, heavy bass and enthusiastic fans singing every word along with the lead singer, Ben Gibbard.

Of course, Death Cab also played songs from their earlier albums like “Transatlanticism,” “Plans,” “Narrow Stairs” and “Codes and Keys.”

For every song the band performed, fans sang along and for the songs they didn’t know, they happily moved to the beat. A song that really got the crowd going was “The New Year,” from the album “Transatlanticism.”

They played “No Sunlight,” which the band called its “surf rock anthem.” This song got the band and the crowd moving to the heavy rhythm of the instruments.

The band slowed it down a bit with the mellow song, “You’ve Haunted Me all My Life,” in which Gibbard switched from his Fender to an acoustic guitar with an amp. Soon after, they performed a crowd pleaser, “What Sarah Said,” with Gibbard on piano.

Gibbard performed “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” alone with an acoustic guitar. It was a performance in which many gladly sang along to.

The concert was livened up again with “I Will Possess Your Heart.” Due to the song’s long instrumental intro, the song takes about four minutes to build to a crescendo.

In those four minutes, you could feel the anticipation that the crowd felt waiting for the singing to begin. When it did, everyone in the arena belted out the lyrics along with the band.

The concert closed with the band performing “Bixby Canyon Bridge.” It ended with a great drum solo by Jason McGerr.

This was Death Cab’s only night in Columbus on the band’s five-month tour, promoting “Kintsugi.” It was a night to remember and was certainly worth the wait.

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