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Accused paintball shooter freed on bond

An Ohio State student accused of shooting a woman with a paint ball gun is free on bond following his arraignment Tuesday on a felony assault charge.Kristopher Semenovich, 18, a freshman from Youngstown, entered no plea and posted $1,014 bond before leaving the Franklin County Jail at 1:45 p.m. He had been jailed since Columbus Police arrested him Saturday night in connection with the paint ball shooting of a Kent State University student, Melinda Peterson, on Oct. 3 on East 16th Avenue.Felonious assault is a second-degree felony that carries a maximum sentence of eight years in prison. Semenovich’s next court appearance is on Nov. 4.Peterson, 20, suffered temporary blindness in her left eye when she was hit by a paint ball while walking to friend’s house on East 16th Avenue and Summit Street. She was in Columbus visiting friends for the weekend, but was hospitalized at the OSU Medical Center for four days after the incident.Peterson said her iris is damaged, her pupil is permanently dilated and the inner tissues of her eye are ripped. Her doctor also told her the projectile caused her to develop cataracts, which will require surgery.Doctors still cannot say if Peterson will ever completely regain her sight. “In my heart of hearts, I feel bad about someone going to jail for this,” Peterson said. “I’m really curious about what kind of person he is.”Semenovich was arrested at the Lennox Town Center after several witnesses who knew him came forward in response to an article in The Lantern on Oct. 7, a police report said.Semenovich could not be reached at his dorm or his parents’ house for comment Monday afternoon.

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