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Bar gigolos need to learn a new dance step

All I have to say is what is up with guys on the dance floor grinding behind us girls?You know what I mean, the guys who come up behind us, dancing in their obscene way like they’re trying to get it on.I love to dance. I love to dance at bars. And on a Friday night when you’re feeling pretty good, it’s fun to go out and dance.But me and my friends going out on the dance floor is not an invite to all the males at Ohio State to practice up on their mating habits.It is absolutely disgusting and offensive. Nowhere else would this be acceptable behavior except on the dance floor.That’s the scary thing. This ritualistic mating dance men have is truly acceptable at bars these days.And no one sees anything wrong with this?Well, my friends, guess again.This is the new topic I have decided to tackle head on because it definitely needs addressing. No, it’s not another bitch session, but a legitimate concern that I believe at least half the women reading this would agree with.Boys at bars should not dance behind us women in such an offensive way.Come on! It looks disgusting, like it is some sort of weird sex act, not to mention the fact that these characters look ridiculous doing it.Bumping, grinding or whatever they want to call it makes no sense. Do they actually think we’re turned on by this? Is this the 1990s way of saying hello?Or do guys just not know anyway of dancing, except behind a girl with their groin area practically rubbing against our back sides?I know I have the right to say all this because I have been witness to some serious incidents at bars.Last weekend, my sister and I were out having a good time, just dancing away, when this guy came up behind her and latched on. I was like ‘what the hell?’ and shoved him off her. He had the nerve to look like he had done nothing wrong. Come on, if any man had done this during the day on the open street he would be slapped both physically and with a sexual harassment suit.Yes, I know that people think I just like to complain, like I have nothing else to do with my time but host weekly bitch sessions about men. And I hate jumping to conclusions about all men in general but I just know there are too many out there who are guilty of this crime.When a gender has pushed me to my limit, I feel compelled to say something. I just find these guys gross.I know that not every woman agrees with me, and the reason I know this is because I see these pitiful girls on the dance floor who seem to enjoy it.They actually seem flattered to have men behind them grinding away like there’s no tomorrow.Why I cannot say, but it still goes on.My solution to the problem? Strap on stun guns when you venture onto the dance floor? Too harsh. Incite us women to revolutionize the dance floor and kick the men off? I think so. Nicole Pankuch is a senior majoring in journalism from Stowe, Ohio who is a glutton for punishment at bars

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