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Brutus Buckeye, recognized nut at Ohio State

He’s not allowed to speak but he has just as much spirit as anyone at Ohio State. Brutus Buckeye is one of the most recognized mascots in the country and his large, brown head adorns signs, sweatshirts, and knickknacks across the state and across the nation.This year’s Brutus costume is actually occupied by two people: Senior Mario Nedelkoski and Sophomore Jamie Cleverley. According to Judy Bunting, the 1996 OSU cheerleading advisor, every year, three to 12 people try out for the honor of being Brutus in the upcoming football season.’It’s a fun job,’ Cleverley said. ‘We act crazy, leading cheers, traveling around the stadium, and messing around with the other mascots.’According to Cleverley, both himself and Nedelkoski both take a half during home games. During away games only one Brutus travels with the team. But he said they both traveled to the Notre Dame game.Brutus Buckeye is considered a member of the cheerleading squad and must train with the group three to four hours every week, said Bunting. Also, Bunting said the people who play Brutus at the athletic match-ups and other special events condition every week with a program that concentrates on running. Cleverley agrees the training regime includes running, but he said a lot of what they do is up to them. In addition, the Brutus’ must attend a cheering camp in Milwaukee during the month of August.Much like the cheerleading squad, Brutus must attend various special activities throughout the year. Bunting said Brutus attends basketball, ice hockey, and football games. He also must make appearances at elementary schools, and attend charity and corporate events every year. The mascots receive approximately $900 off their spring tuition for attending these various events.Brutus is required never to talk and to never take off the head off the costume in public. Cleverley, who is majoring in business marketing, said fans, especially children, will do anything to try and take the head off.’Fans get excited, banging our heads together, but it always seems to say on,’ he said. Brutus, a time honored tradition at OSU, is the only mascot in the country that is a nut. Nut or not, Brutus brings spirit to the OSU campus and its countless athletic events.

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