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Forbidden love sizzles on film

Betrayal, love, jealousy and the honest power of passion. ‘Caught,’ a film directed by Robert Young, has all that and more.The storytelling is simple and straightforward. Four people are entangled by each other. Some will be caught, others will get away. The plot begins when Nick (Arie Verveen), on the run from the cops, hides out in a Jersey fish shop owned by a married couple, Joe (Edward James Olmos) and Betty (Maria Conchita Alonso). Betty calls him a gift from God because he is someone to help Joe out in the fish shop. Not only do they give him a job, they feed him, and give him a room once belonging to their son, Danny (Steven Schub); until he gets back on his feet. Nick tell himself he will stay until he gets the money at the end of the week. But he stays, and learns the trade and skill of shad-boning. He also earns the trust of Joe and makes him feel young again. He gives him a taste of his dream of owning his own fishing boat and moving to Florida. Nick opens up Betty as well. He makes her feel a zest for a life that doesn’t include the fish shop. And when she does taste it, she does not want to go back. The passion between Betty and Nick is evident. They both try to avoid it, but it just happens. The sex scenes are fresh and physical. It is the raw passion, sexual energy and longing in these scenes that is not present in other films. There is an element of danger in not wanting to hurt Joe, but that is what makes the lovemaking more intense.We see Nick and Betty’s emotions but something is missing. We are forced not to assume the situation, and therefore not to judge, only watch the story unfold.The passion continues, but Danny returns home with his family after his failed attempt as a comic in Hollywood. The displaced son suspects the affair. He is jealous and angry that Nick has become the son his father always wanted.It is not a happy fairy tale ending. Joe is offered close to a million dollars for the fish shop and a chance to escape, but the passion between the lovers unfolds and those who are caught are punished.

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