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Letter to the editor about editor’s letter

Letter to the editor about editor’s letter

I have occasionally submitted letters to the editor in the past, but I have not done so recently. In the case of myself, the reason for this is partially due to lack of time and also lack of commentary.In regards to the incident involving the crane operator, I would be able to offer nothing but “common sense rhetoric” about how this man’s decision was “poor” and the result was “unfortunate.” I suspect that many students feel themselves to be in a similar position; what more is there to say about someone who was under the influence of alcohol and probably made some very bad judgment calls?Likewise, many controversial issues printed in the Lantern are, I feel, adequately dealt with by those of you qualified, as journalism majors, to do so. I will offer the idea that other students, like myself, feel that they can provide no additional insight or suggestion regarding these issues. Part of this lack of response that you address could be the result of apathy, but, at least in my case, it is more a consequence of the arrangement of priorities and the general perception that there is little left of relative importance, in the wake of commentaries and editorials, to say about the subjects.Additionally, I can understand the intimidation that some students face when they attempt to voice their opinions in writing to those of you whose academic specialty revolves around this type of communication. I am sure that your letter may encourage some of those individuals to offer comments despite their self-perceived grammatical inadequacies.In any case, I would like to commend you, your staff, and everyone who contributes articles to the Lantern. I, unlike an unfortunate many, feel that the Lantern is a decent source of news, student opinion, and also entertainment. It follows that anything I would want to say should live up to this same level of quality, and I feel it is redundant to forward an opinion already expressed by one of your writers.Good luck in motivating the campus. (Hey, it worked for me.)

Christian WellerdingEnglish major

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