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Local band combines blues, rock

If blues is a sentiment, then Ma Rainy’s original rock ‘n’ roll will caress your soul. ‘People are really receptive to the music scene in Columbus,’ vocalist Steven Moc said, whose Columbus-based band, Ma Rainy, performs Wednesday nights at the Out-R-Inn. Ma Rainy’s mix of high-energy blues/rock landed them an opening act for the Dave Matthew’s Band during Polaris Amphitheater’s 1996 Summer Concert Season and Santana last fall. ‘We’ve been in some places we would like to be in more often,’ band manager Corey Cook said. ‘It was our original music that helped us get there.’ The band’s debut CD, ‘Black River Mood,’ released in June, features eight original songs.’The Drifter Song’ creates a vibe of letting loose and it’s for the moment, drummer Dave Moc said. ‘That’s what we’re all about.’ The title track, ‘Black River Mood,’ was inspired by a river that flows behind the Moc brothers’ home in Elyria, near Cleveland, Dave said.’It’s so hard to describe or put a label on our music but the best I can offer would be like this – an original ‘groove’ kind of rock ‘n’ roll with evidence of the blues or ‘good for the soul’ music rooted beneath it,’ Cook said. The band, who has been playing together for three years, is also featured on CD 101s ‘Front Stage with Andyman,’ weeknights at nine.’This is one hell-of-a support for local bands as long as the music is original,’ said Steven. ‘The radio station is a lifeline supporting local bands in Columbus.’The band’s name, Ma Rainy, refers to a fictional character from the Bob Dylan song ‘Queen of the Blues.’ The group is also influenced by The Allman Brothers, The Black Crowes and the Rolling Stones.During live shows, the band has been known to sing a few cover songs like ‘Champagne and Reefer’ by Muddy Waters, Cook said.’When we cover songs we don’t try to sound like the artist,’ Dave said. ‘We try to lure people in by making it sound like our own music.’Currently, the band is trying to establish a tour of the Midwest and travel a few weeks at a time, Steven said. ‘We want to get more dates out of town and develop a circuit,’ he said.’Our music is viable and therapeutic. We want to reach as many people as possible with our music,’ Dave said. ‘Free your soul for a night with quality music.’

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