The current and final owner of Stache’s, Dan Dougan, paces behind the bar answering a slew of phone calls about an upcoming show. Behind him hang pictures, clippings, letters and notes. The memories fill the wall, camouflaging the row of liqueur bottles.Considering the bar’s history, which dates back to around 1970, there are many memories that Dougan will be able to hold onto once the bar closes its door for good on March 31, 1997.The bar was first called Stache’s and Little Brother’s after the two owners. One of the owners, Stache, had a mustache, while the other, Little Brother, was shorter than his mustachioed partner, Dougan said.Dougan began frequenting the 200 capacity bar in the early 1980s. By this time Stache’s was owned by Shelly and Mike Young, Dougan said.In 1988 Dougan made the leap from patron to owner. He bought the bar from Pete Herman who was the proprietor for a very brief period after the Young’s, Dougan said.’He [Herman] sort of looms as an oddity. He didn’t like live music or want to keep the business; he wanted to make it a go-go club,’ Dougan said.Dougan credits Herman with the carpeting which still adorns some of the walls. Herman liked the look of carpeted walls, but Dougan ended up keeping it because the carpeting improved acoustics, Dougan said. Despite Herman’s disinterest in live music Stache’s survived while in his hands.’The reason the place stayed open when Pete was here was because of Curt,’ Dougan said.The ‘Curt’ who Dougan is referring to is Curt Schieber, host of WWCD 101’s ‘Invisible Hits Hour.’ Schieber, one time co-owner of Schoolkids and Used Kids Records plus his own production and record label, started bringing shows to Stache’s under the label No Other Presents in 1983.’We were doing things in 1983, bringing in the kind of shows, that had never been played in Columbus,’ Schieber said. Schieber and his partner Mark Moormann went out of their way to bring acts which might be considered Alternative or Underground music.’We knew their was an audience for it because we were selling the records,’ Schieber said. Schieber brought such bands as The Violent Femmes, The Replacements and The Butthole Surfers through Stache’s doors.’Stache’s has always been able to offer a well balanced diet of music,’ Schieber said.Schieber brought his final band to Stache’s in 1988. The bands didn’t stop coming to Columbus. Stache’s has continued to bring in a wide variety of talent. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden and Nirvana are just a few of the better known names that have played the venue, Dougan said. Stache’s has also supported local bands.’I think the bands in Columbus are great,’ Dougan said. ‘Columbus audiences don’t realize how great the bands are here.’Stache’s has given artists, who may not be well known to mainstream society, a chance to play, and for Dougan that is what the bar is about, Dougan said.’It’s not about what’s going to be the next big thing. It’s the other shows, that aren’t big, that make it work; artists who are good at their craft,’ Dougan said.Whoever they are coming to see, Stache’s does have it’s regulars. Lisa Mirman, a sophomore majoring in philosophy, has been visiting the club for 12 years. ‘It’s my favorite hole in the wall,’ Mirman said. ‘It’s the only place to see a band.’Dougan plans to open a new bar, ‘Little Brothers,’ in the short north in the old Gene’s Furniture building.’Same attitude but a little bigger,’ Dougan said. Up until the move Dougan will host a series of benefit shows to finance the new location. The next benefit will be Nov. 27 and at this time Ishkabible and Dog Rocket have signed on to play.Stache’s may be closing, but the memories remain in the stories of the many people who have spent time there. Like the time The Red Hot Chili Peppers played in jock straps, Dougan said. Or, when Sun Ra had 15 people on stage including a group of fire eaters. There is even a rumor that a Stache’s patron smashed out the windows of Nirvana’s van because Kurt Cobain flirted with the patron’s girlfriend. But, when asked about that rumor Dougan just smiled and said, ‘no comment.