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Station could bare name of fallen officer

The new university police station could be named in honor of murdered officer Michael Blankenship.USG will vote today on a resolution to name the new police station after Blankenship.’It’s good to give something back to someone that gave his life to ensure the safety of students,’ USG President John Carney said.USG will meet at 5:30 p.m. today and vote on the resolution to honor Blankenship who was killed Feb. 10 when he tried to apprehend a man suspected of theft at the Wexner Center. If approved, the resolution would be voted on by a USG committee or could bypass the committee process altogether, Carney said. If approved again, the measure would be submitted to the Board of Trustees.University Police Chief Ron Michalec said it would be a wonderful tribute to name the new station after Blankenship, the first university police officer to be killed while on duty.’From my perspective, to have a building named after an officer that has fallen in the line of duty is fantastic,’ Michalec said. ‘It’s fantastic that the OSU community would want this to happen.’Vice President of Business and Administration Janet Pichette said she backs the resolution.The trustees will have the final say, she said, adding that student support is a positive factor in the decision. ‘I think it is wonderful that the students are taking the initiative to getting the building named after Officer Blankenship,’ she said. ‘We will be supportive in taking it to the next level.’Before the trustees consider the resolution, it would first be reviewed to ensure that all necessary guidelines are followed, said Maryline Kulewicz, assistant to the vice president of Development and Administration.’The process usually takes about two months,’ she said. ‘After we get the request, complete the proper forms and do the background information, we send it to President Gee’s office.’When the president’s office sends it back approved, it then goes to the Board of Trustees where it is voted on.’Michalec said the new university police station will open June 20.’If the dedication comes to happen, we would hold a ceremony at the time before the opening,’ he said. ‘Just imagine the number of people that have been involved with this, that would attend. It would be amazing.’

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