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V- – Day time to celebrate being single

Valentine’s Day is to single women what Dec. 26 is to employees in retail stores. Simply a dreaded day.We hate thinking about happy couples spending the day together exchanging gifts, going to a movie, having a really nice dinner, etc. A wonderful day for all those happy-in-love people. But what about those not happy-in-love?Single women speak of Valentine’s Day with a vengeance. It’s almost like God created this holiday to remind us of what we don’t have. My single friends and I have been referring to this year’s Valentine’s Day as ‘Black Friday.’ My roommate Marcy and I had planned to dress in black and drink chocolate martinis all day. We’re cringing at the thought of our apartment turning into a floral shop complete with roses, carnations, candy, stuffed animals, little jewelry boxes, etc. from our other four roommates’ boyfriends.Sure, we’re happy that our best friends are happy-in-love. Marcy and I used to love Valentine’s Day, too! Unfortunately the arrows Cupid shot at us had turned poisonous. We’re both from long-term relationships gone bad. We know better than anyone how difficult a breakup can be.I know there are a lot of worse things than losing a longtime boyfriend. Valentine’s Day just brings it all back. So, my message is that I have realized my outlook here is ridiculous. V-Day is not a day for sulking and complaining. It’s a day for single women everywhere to celebrate.Celebrate your freedom and time to focus on yourself. How can you change yourself to be a better person? A happier person? Here’s a few ideas to have a happy day today.Plan some time for a little exercise. When’s the last time you were at Larkins Hall? Trust me, you’ll feel better afterwards. Attend all your classes today. Missing class will make for unnecessary guilt hanging over your head. No time for guilt today.Call one of your single friends and make plans to have lunch or dinner today. Make that a positive occasion, not an opportunity to wallow in self-pity. Catch up on what you two have been doing to make life more exciting. While you’re at the restaurant, don’t stare with evil eyes at the couples seated around you (in my case, I’ll probably be laughing to myself about how they’ll be fighting about something really stupid before the day is through). Take a trip to City Center with the credit card on ‘ready-fire.’ Buy yourself something really nice, (for once, don’t buy from the sale racks) and worry about the payment another day.Lastly, take advantage of a Valentine’s Day that falls on a Friday. Put on your new purchases and gather your best single friends for a night out. Head to a comedy club or a classy bar. Ring in Feb. 15 with a good drink. Treat yourself for not only surviving, but enjoying another Valentine’s Day on your own.Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the beauty of being single! so enjoy this time now to be completely free to do whatever, wherever, whenever, and however YOU want.Maybe I’ll send a Valentine to the guy I’ve had a crush on since last summer. (He still has no idea) Maybe if I make the most of this Valentine’s Day, then Cupid will give me another chance and shoot an arrow at him with my name on it.

Mary Ehrnfelt is a senior majoring in journalism from Strongsville, Ohio , who wants all single girls to turn a crappy Valentine’s Day into a happy Valentine’s Day.

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