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Violence often associated with the issue of abortion

The violence often associated with the issue of abortion will be replaced with flowers and cards Saturday.The day has been proclaimed National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers by Refuse and Resist, a national pro-choice group based in New York. The day is part of the group’s effort to designate October as National Month of Resistance, said Janet Jelatis, a member of the executive committee of Refuse and Resist.’We initiated the day of appreciation in particular because we’ve done a lot of work with the pro-choice movement,’ Jelatis said. ‘The truth is, if there are no providers then there is no choice.’The day was proposed at Resist ’96, an assembly held in April to organize National Month of Resistance.Susannah Sagan, executive director of the Ohio’s National Abortion Rights Action League, said there is no actual event planned locally for the day.Clinic staff and doctors are often the targets of violence and harassment, Sagan said. The day will counteract the violence by showing providers that their courage is appreciated.’Anytime the clinics are open there’s unwanted attention,’ she said. ‘Every single day we live in fear that some crazy anti-choice person is going to shoot someone. I don’t think there’s any more of a chance that someone is going to get shot on Saturday than any other day.’Laura Roberts, office manager at the northwest Women’s Clinic, agrees with Sagan.’To have the community be aware and realize that this is a service that’s needed and that we try to make people as comfortable as possible is very gratifying,’ Roberts said.A Refuse and Resist publication warns those delivering cards or gifts to clinics to be security conscious by delivering packages in person and refraining from wrapping anything.Refuse and Resist has received numerous angry and threatening messages regarding the day, Jelatis said.The Ohio Right to Life Society said they were not aware of the day and had no further comment.

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