Two new faces will soon be hidden behind a familiar one.

On Sunday, two freshmen and one veteran junior were chosen to adorn the mask of Brutus Buckeye for the 2002-2003 season.

Cassidy Mullins, Bill Rumple and Emily Moor will soon be representing the university icon. This is the first time three students – not one or two – have been chosen for the role.

“The judges, including myself, felt these three understood that Brutus represents Ohio State athletics and the state of Ohio,” said OSU cheerleading coach Judy Bunting.

The time commitment was one reason for the additional mascot.

“We have more and more requests for Brutus,” Bunting said, “and school comes first. We never ask them to miss classes.”

Mullins, a freshman in zoology, decided he wanted to be Brutus when he saw former mascot Tom Phillips at a hockey game against Michigan State University.

“He was going crazy, beating his head on the board and having fun,” Mullins said.

He called Brutus, “the ultimate fan.”

“Hopefully I can do it for a few more years,” Mullins said.

Rumple, a freshman in business, said he wanted to become a mascot to be more involved in the university.

“I kind of had a feeling I wasn’t getting the most out of college,” Rumple said. “I wanted to be more than just a student.”

Tryouts lasted throughout the weekend. Prospective mascots had to learn the motions to the OSU fight song, perform a skit to “Hang on Sloopy” and be interviewed.

“I kicked my roommates out of the room when I was practicing,” Rumple said. “I didn’t want them to see me doing the fight song by myself.”

Rumple said he is looking forward to throwing shirts to crowds at athletic events and waving the OSU flag in his new costume. He also wants to make cameos as Brutus on the Oval and around campus.

“When I put the helmet and suit on, I change,” Rumple said. “I can ham it up all I want, and I can act like a goon as much as I want.”

Rumple said he was surprised freshmen were selected for the task.

“Brutus is the biggest icon in Ohio,” he said.

Emily Moor, a junior in communications, was chosen to be Brutus for a second year.

“I was under a little more pressure to set an example for the people who were trying out,” Moor said.

As the veteran of the three-person team, Moor has some tips for the newcomers.

“I hope they learn that, no matter what, you’re in character,” she said. “Even when you’re by yourself, there’s someone watching.”

Moor said she looks forward to working with Mullins and Rumple.

“I hope they enjoy this year and try out next year,” Moor said. “It’s an experience nothing else compares to.”