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Pureval praised for convictions, ideas

For those of you who, unfortunately, were not at the inauguration ceremony for the Undergraduate Student Government Sunday, I would like to tell you what I saw and heard.

I saw a man with character, dedication, and ideas sworn into office. I saw a student step up and, with great conviction, assume responsibility for guiding our student government. I heard a true leader speak to the importance of fighting for the issues that affect undergraduates at this university.

That leader is Aftab Pureval.

If you were at all aware of the campaigns for USG president earlier this quarter, you are probably wondering, “What the heck is this guy saying; didn’t Ryan Jolley run against Aftab Pureval?”

The answer is, “Yes, I did.”

While Aftab and I had our differences on the campaign trail, we both love and believe in OSU. While we may approach them differently, we are both dedicated to the same issues that affect our peers. While we may not agree on all the details, we are both committed to the same ideals. While we may differ in our personal opinions, we both know that the opinion that matters is that of the students.

I have gotten to know Aftab since the campaign and have come to know him as a strong leader with a genuine concern for the students at Ohio State. He is already hard at work on their behalf, building bridges with the administration and advocating for our rights.

I trust completely in his ability to make a real, positive impact over the next year, tackling important issues such as tuition increases, domestic partner benefits and GEC reform. I strongly urge all of you to come together and support Aftab and the rest of the USG as they work to make your undergraduate experience the best it can possibly be.

Ryan Jolleysenior in political science and economics in business

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