A man wandered the city for four hours on Friday after he lost his glasses in an apparent carjacking, according to police reports.

The 26-year-old man was driving north on High Street around 1 a.m. Friday when a man forced his way into the car. The driver exited the vehicle and ran away, but lost his glasses during the escape.

Police say the man wandered the city for four hours until officers picked him up. He refused medical treatment.

Other items that were stolen with the car, a late model Buick, were the man’s cell phone, driver’s license, and four debit and credit cards.

Shoplifter ditches loot, takes cash

An employee at a liquor store on High Street told police that a shoplifter snatched $120 from her hand when she confronted him for stealing beer Saturday afternoon.

The store clerk says she saw the man walk out of the rear of the store with a case of beer he didn’t pay for. When the clerk ran to confront him, the man noticed that she had cash in her hands, apparently from an interrupted transaction. She says the alleged shoplifter then dropped the case of beer and grabbed the money from her hand and ran away.

The woman says she recognized the man from previous incidents where she kicked him out of the store.

Evicted man’s property stolen from lawn

A man says his rental company should be responsible for $5,000 in property taken from a lawn after he was evicted, according to police reports.

The 32-year-old man told police he was evicted from his apartment in the 100 block of Oakland Avenue on Monday, July 27. While officials were moving his property onto the lawn, he went to getting a moving van.

When he returned with the van, the man discovered that his property had been riffled through and $5,000 in property was missing, including furniture, clothing, a bicycle and electronics.

Police say neighbors or passersby who took property cannot be booked for theft, because they likely thought the property was trash. But the man says he thinks the rental company should be responsible because officials said the property would be safe on the lawn, he told police.

Bus stop attacker took beer, robbed man

A man told police he was attacked and robbed on Tuesday, July 28, at a bus stop near East 18th Avenue and North Fourth Street.

According to police reports, the 51-year-old man was standing at the bus stop holding a 40-ounce bottle of beer when an unknown attacker grabbed the bottle, punched the man in the face and then stole his wallet. The robber allegedly got into the driver’s-side door of a red Nissan pickup truck and fled northbound.

Stolen items include $250 in cash and the man’s Social Security card, according to reports.

Burglar steals car while residents sleep

A burglar stole a car and more than $700 in property from a home in the 0-100 block of West Norwich Avenue during the morning of Tuesday, July 30, according to police reports.

Police say the burglar entered the house through an open living room window, stole an Xbox 360 and two controllers, and then took a set of keys from a key rack at the front door. The burglar apparently left in one of the residents’ cars, a Ford Taurus estimated at $4,000.

The residents of the house were asleep on the second floor of the home during the burglary.

Man enters house, demands money at knifepoint

A man entered a home in the 2300 block of Indiana Avenue and threatened the residents at knifepoint early in the morning of Friday, July 31, according to police reports.

The three residents – a 21-year-old man, a 19-year-old man and a 19-year-old woman – reported that a man came into their house and demanded money while threatening them with a knife. When a wallet fell from the woman’s purse, the knife-wielding man took it and ran away.

One of the male residents chased the burglar, but eventually gave up pursuit.

According to the report, the woman’s wallet contained $95 cash and various identification cards.

Hookah bar burglarized

An employee at a High Street hookah bar reported that someone broke in and stole the cash register from the front counter in the early morning of Thursday, July 30, according to police reports.

The burglar apparently entered the store by breaking the glass on the front door and then took the cash register, which was reported to have $100 in cash stored in it.

Nothing else in the store was tampered with, according to the report.