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Student accused of throwing beer into police cruiser

An Ohio State student was charged Tuesday with criminal damaging and disorderly conduct after he allegedly threw a container of beer into the open window of a Columbus Police cruiser. According to a police report, Joseph A. Jaskowiak, 21, of Grafton, Ohio, threw the beer onto the front passenger seat of a cruiser near 20 E. Frambes Ave at 1:40 a.m. Tuesday. Police reported that the beer caused $259 in damage, including damage to the seat of the cruiser, a bag belonging to the officer and miscellaneous paperwork. The report did not indicate the student’s blood alcohol level. Roommate dispute is a cat and dog affair A man told police he was assaulted by his female roommate over a dispute about their pets early Friday morning. According to reports, the man returned to his home on the 2300 block of Neil Avenue to find his dog outside. He says that he and his roommate had been having fights regarding their pets, so he went inside and took his roommate’s cat to put outside. The owner of the cat saw this happening, grabbed the cat away and put it back in her room. The man then kicked in the door to her room and an altercation ensued. The man showed police scratches on his neck and shoulder, saying they were caused by his roommate. When police questioned her, she admitted to punching her roommate once in the face but says she doesn’t know where the scratches came from, according to the report. The man refused medical treatment and told police that he and his roommate would get along. No charges were filed in the incident. Woman uses self-defense to escape attack An OSU student defended herself and escaped from a man who attacked her at 2:50 a.m. last Friday while she was walking near East Norwich and Waldeck avenues, according to a police report. The 20-year-old woman told officers that she was walking alone to a friend’s house when a man approached her from behind and covered her mouth, telling her she would die if she took another breath or screamed. Her first reaction was to reach for a Taser she said she normally carries with her. When she realized she didn’t have it, she kicked the attacker and ran west down East Norwich. She fell several times while fleeing, causing minor abrasions on her knees and elbows, according to the report. After running about a block, the woman knocked on a stranger’s door and asked for help. The resident called the police to the home to file a report. The woman told police that she never saw her attacker when he approached her, and she never looked back as she fled. She could identify his voice, she said, but not his appearance. Police did not report a suspect. Man robbed at knifepoint A man with no reported home told police he was attacked and robbed by three men, one wielding a long knife, early Wednesday morning near the 1900 block of Summit Street. The 29-year-old man, whose listed address is “Streets of Columbus,” told police that four men attacked him from behind while he was walking in an alley east of Summit Street, between 18th and 19th avenues. The attackers told him to empty his pockets and then punched him in the face and continued kicking him while he was on the ground. The attackers went through the man’s pockets and stole a wallet, which contained $120 and identification, and a cell phone, before fleeing on foot. Police did not report any suspects in the attack. Gunman attacks man, steals wallet Police say a man was attacked and robbed by two men early Tuesday morning while he was walking near North Fourth Street and Oakland Avenue. According to a report, two men approached the 27-year-old Hudson Street resident at 12:30 a.m. One of the men hit him in the head with a gun and took his wallet before fleeing. The wallet contained the man’s driver’s license and credit card. There were no suspects listed in the report.

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