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Brothers suit up for Buckeye defense

When Adam Homan was offered a scholarship to play at Ohio State, he knew that if he took the offer he would have plenty of supporters on his side including his older brother Ross Homan, who is a linebacker for the Buckeyes.
The two brothers from Coldwater, Ohio are now both on the linebacking corps and have both seen playing time so far this season, beginning when Adam was able to take part in a few snaps at fullback and on special teams in OSU’s opener against Navy.
Although Ross, a junior, might be older, his younger brother Adam comes in four inches taller and about six pounds heavier as a freshman. But that doesn’t keep him from looking up to his older brother.
“He always gives me advice ever since I got here, any time I’ve needed,” Adam said. “He’ll just say, ‘be who you are, know who you are. Get out there and just relax and go do it.'”
But that doesn’t mean that Adam has gained a lot of insight from Ross, who is famous for being a man of few words. Adam said that in anticipation of the USC game, he hadn’t really talked with Ross much about what it’s like to play in a premiere slot.
“It’s hard to get a feeling out of him how it was. You ask him about some of the big games he’s played in and you can’t get a whole lot,” Adam said. “He has his own way of expressing himself about games that are coming up. Big games, he has his own way of preparing.”
Adam also said that he does not think he will end up being as quiet as his brother in expressing his feelings about football.
“I think I’ll be much more open to talking about how each day is going and how I’m feeling than he is,” Adam said. “Ross is very low-key it’s hard to get a smile out of him sometimes, but he’s unique and I wouldn’t want him any other way.”
As for actually being able to get out there and play along side his brother, Adam said there was no better feeling.
“It felt great,” Adam said. “To finally have this day come and come out with a victory; it’s very overwhelming.”

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