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Crime Briefs: Couples fight leaves apartment in disarray

An argument over house chores led a couple to throw electronics, furniture and food around an East 14th Avenue apartment Saturday afternoon before the boyfriend decided to move out.
According to police reports, a 40-year-old woman was arguing with her live-in boyfriend when he became angry and threw the television remote control at her. The remote missed her, but she responded by throwing some of his documents across the room and tipping over the television, destroying it. She also threw away food he was cooking.
Her boyfriend answered by knocking over a bookshelf and dresser, damaging both. When police arrived, the man had scratches on his arm but did not know if they were from fighting with his girlfriend or damaging the property. He agreed to take his belongings and move to a homeless shelter for the night, and he returned his apartment key. Neither reported a physical fight or requested medical attention.

Man stabbed during argument
A man was stabbed several times during an argument on the 1400 block of Indianola Avenue Sunday night, according to reports. The 26-year-old man was taken to Ohio State University Hospital, where he was treated and released. Police did not make an arrest in the aggravated assault.

Student scares off thieves, but they got his bike
An OSU student scared thieves off the walkway of his West Ninth Avenue apartment Sunday afternoon, but not before they stole his bike.
According to reports, the 20-year-old student saw men attempting to steal his bicycle in front of his apartment, so he went outside to scare them off. But the men already had the bicycle and stole it as they fled.
The bicycle, a Huffy, was valued at $50.

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