Shortly before 12:30 p.m. today, Columbus Fire Paramedics responded to a call from Ohio State Police that a man, likely in his mid-50s, was having stroke-like symptoms in Scott Laboratory on 18th Avenue.
Matt Gillenwater, a plumber, said that he was helping the man, a fellow maintenance worker in Scott Lab, to fix a leaking sink in the man’s janitorial closet.
“I was helping him out and he seemed fine, but when I turned the corner and saw him again he was holding his arm and mumbling,” Gillenwater said. “He was basically unintelligible at that point.”
Gillenwater then called John Keller, the maintenance zone leader, who called the police from his radio.
“OSU PD responded in about two minutes and then they called Columbus [fire department],” Keller said. Keller would not release the name of the stricken man.
Gillenwater has worked a lot with the man and knew of his medical history.
“We all kind of look out for him, we’ve got to protect our own,” Gillenwater said. “He usually works alone though, so it was just good that someone was around.”