At the recently refurbished, expanded, and reopened William Oxley Thompson Library, the new gallery space is featuring an exhibition titled “Journeys.”
A quote in the exhibition is particularly striking:
“A journey is not only the physical movement of a person or an object through time and space, but the metamorphosis that the person or object undergoes, even an object’s creation is a journey, a process of transformation over the course of many, sometimes countless hours. Once completed, its odyssey continues, as it takes further shape, interacting with the people and things that surround it, changing and being changed by the experience.”
Taking a second to allow myself to be completely trite and corny as I enter my third year here at OSU, it is interesting to consider where my journey has taken me. For the first time since I’ve entered college, I have a library to go to and there are no longer construction fences blocking the northern part of our beloved Oval. On a more personal note, it is unbelievable how much I’ve changed since freshman year but also how much I’ve stayed the same.
This place has changed me, for better or for worse it is impossible to know. Still, there is no denying that my experiences here have transformed me: the big game Saturdays, Mirror Lake jumps, all-nighters at the Science and Engineering Library and playing Frisbee on The Oval.
I certainly know that I am excited to see where the next year of this journey will take me.