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Turn to page 394: Escaping Textbook Hell, continued

Yesterday I highlighted how to save a few bucks when picking up those wallet-leaches we call textbooks. Today I can show you how you might avoid ever letting those suckers near your money

Free Options:

Let’s be honest. For the average college student a textbook is simply that lump in your backpack or that annoying object that you open the night before an exam. Is it really worth spending money on a textbook? If the answer is no then you have four options.

1. Google books:

Let’s face it. Google is amazing. They have scanned and searchable versions of millions of books for free. Although the preview is limited, you should consider whether you actually want to buy a brand new or used textbook. In some cases you can even download PDF versions (http://lifehacker.com/5361738/google-book-downloader-downloads-books-to-pdf).

2. The library:

We have an amazing newly renovated library with access to all kinds of textbooks. Do a search for your textbook and check it out. You can copy pages that you need to write on at a fraction of the cost it would take to buy an actual book. Just be sure to act quickly since there are usually only one or two copies available at any time.

3. The Internet:

The Internet provides access to hundreds of blogs, torrents and/or Web sites that house textbook content. It might be worth the 30 seconds to do a quick Internet search to see if you can find a downloadable PDF version of the book.

4. Use your friends:

What are friends for? If your friend bought the book then why not share? Or if you are feeling generous then I you could split the cost.


Finally, if all other options are exhausted, you can go the old-school route and actually visit a bookstore.

At a bookstore you give up good deals for convenience. Honestly, if you order on Amazon a week or two ahead than there’s no reason to ever visit the bookstore. But if you are desperate then try Barnes and Nobles or SBX bookstore.
Enjoy the first week of class and be sure to post your favorite site or store in the comments section.

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