To accommodate the integration of multimedia into journalism and communication, the School of Communication is making curriculum changes.

The changes will affect the incoming freshman class of 2010, but “some of the infusion of multimedia will affect current students,” said Susan Van Pelt, an undergraduate advising coordinator for the School of Communication.

Changes will include a greater emphasis on multimedia use. One addition to the requirements will be a “capstone course,” Comm 621, which will sum up student learning in areas such as writing and communicating using digital media, said Carroll Glynn, director of the School of Communication. English 269, a course in digital media composing, will be added as a pre-major requirement for journalism students.

“We have hired new faculty and will be hiring two more in the next few months to accommodate changes in the curriculum,” Glynn said.

Dan Caterinicchia, supervising editor for business news from Associated Press Washington and Leonardo Carrizo, a photojournalist with previous experience at The Columbus Dispatch, are among the newly hired.

In the future, there will also be a new specialization in the school, Van Pelt said.

“We have a New Media and Communication Technology program curriculum forthcoming in January 2011,” Glynn said. “It will have more of an interdisciplinary focus.”