As a student athlete at the largest university in the world, with the largest athletic department in the world, there are many things to be proud of. While competing on the men’s volleyball team, I’ve learned there’s nothing better than playing on our home court in front of a lively Buckeye crowd.

Although I don’t play basketball or football, where nearly all the glory lies, representing such an outstanding university in my sport is an honor. Personally, one of my favorite parts of being an athlete at Ohio State is the friendships that have evolved within my team, with athletes from other sports and with people who appreciate what I do.

As my time here at Ohio State has passed, I have found that I’ve greatly increased my support for all 36 sports Ohio State offers.

The athleticism and excitement of each sport never fail to amaze me. Just last weekend I attended a field hockey match, where I found myself jumping out of my seat screaming in support of our team as they took the lead with 7 seconds left. Merely an hour after that, I found myself at a soccer game going nuts as we conquered our rivals from up north.

I think part of the reason my enthusiasm for each sport has increased so much over the years is because at nearly every sporting event I attend, I have a friend on the court or field, who I’m cheering for to pull out the win. I’ve really enjoyed supporting all of Ohio State’s fall sports this quarter, and I look forward to cheering on sports like our National Champion synchronized swimming team, runner-up tennis team, outstanding gymnastics teams and reigning Big Ten Champion baseball team in the winter and spring. 

My team has also been successful, having returned to the Final Four this year for the second consecutive year.

So come on out and support all 36 teams with me, and watch our fellow Buckeyes dominate the competition. In my opinion, the only thing better than having a rowdy crowd cheering you on is having friends pulling for you on the sideline.

In an effort to bring together students and student-athletes, the Sportsmanship Council and Student Athlete Advisory Board are hosting an athlete meet and greet. The event will kick off at 6 p.m. today outside the RPAC and will feature athletes from nearly all 36 sports.

So come on out and get to know some phenomenal athletes and all-around cool people. I hope to see you there.