ANNOYING VOICEOVER: Are you tired of reality shows that only pretend to be extreme?
If you are like most Americans you are probably saying, “No.” But you’d be wrong. You are tired of these shows. You just don’t know it yet, because you have never witnessed a series quite like this one.

Introducing “Johnny and Katie Plus Eighty,” coming this winter on the Shameless Entertainment Network. You thought having eight kids was a phenomenon? These parents have been there, done that. Ten times! Meet the family that could fill up 4/5 of the US Senate. See what it’s like to be surrounded by kids, cameras and chaos 24/7.

Three years ago these parents were content with only 63 kids, but when television executives denied a bid for their own show they cranked out 17 more so they could have a title that rhymed!

Do you play backyard kickball with your kids? Boring. This family competes in eight-team, double-elimination tournaments.

Get up-close and personal with the world’s craziest family. See parents driven to the verge of insanity, kids exploited for their childish charm and a house that knows no peace. It may not be the best environment to raise kids, but it sure does make for great television.

JOHNNY: I haven’t slept in 11 days!


You will meet 4-year-old Paige, who wants nothing more than to be left alone. You’ll be shocked by her reaction when our camera crews relentlessly follow her to every corner of the house.

Your heart will break when 7-year-old Ben earns a D in math and is sarcastically ridiculed by his siblings.

Get ready to laugh at the look on young Teddy’s face when he walks in on mommy in bed with another man and the colossal fight that ensues between husband and wife.

What’s more? This show is different because each week America decides which kid they want to see evicted from the house and ripped away from their parents.

Witness the future of reality television. “Johnny and Katie Plus Eighty,” premiering this Sunday at 8 p.m. on Shameless Entertainment!