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New Gateway theater management partners with the Wex

In January, the South Campus Gateway Film Center will devote two of its movie screens to the Wexner Center for Arts to feature award-winning independent and foreign films.

The movie theater in the Gateway is currently managed by the Los Angeles-based Landmark Theatres chain, but its contract will expire in December.

Nonprofit group Campus Partners, which developed South Campus Gateway, will take over management.

“We are excited by the new direction and the opportunities this will bring to the wonderful arts community in central Ohio,” said Doug Aschenbach, president of Campus Partners, in a press release. “The physical and programming changes will not only mean a reinvention of our products and services, but will allow us to serve an even larger group of central Ohio moviegoers.”

Sherri Geldin, director of the Wexner Center, said the collaboration is ideal because it allows both centers’ resources and expertise to benefit each other.

“We’re delighted to join with Campus Partners to expand the cinematic repertoire for the campus community, our members, and the film going public alike,” Geldin said in the press release.
Campus Partners has chosen Chris Hamel to serve as president of the Gateway Film Center. He brings 20 years of cinema experience and most recently served as executive director of sales for Unique Screen Media, a screen advertising company.

“Our goal is to create a memorable experience for moviegoers that will add to the urban vitality that the University District has brought to the area,” Hamel said. “Our patrons can expect an experience unlike what they’d find at any other theater in the city, especially in the exciting and challenging titles the Wexner Film/Video program will bring to the programming mix.”

The collaboration between the Wexner Center and South Campus Gateway is in line with a long-standing effort to boost revitalization, renovate housing, enhance public safety and improve municipal services in the University District, according to a press release. OSU and the City of Columbus have worked on the area for nearly 10 years to improve quality of life.

Films shown at the theater that are programmed by the Wexner Center will be labeled as “Wex@Gateway” showings. Wexner Center members will receive $5 entry for Wex@Gateway films at all times and for other Gateway films shown Sunday through Thursday. 

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